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Forestry Materials

RABAUD has been a specialist in the manufacture of forestry equipment for over 40 years. The RABAUD range offers a wide selection of products to meet all requirements, from logging to firewood production, including forestry operations.

RABAUD Forestry Equipment: the complete solution for your forestry work

Log splitters, RABAUD's first innovation

RABAUD is particularly renowned for its robust and durable log splitters. The RABAUD range offers a wide variety of log splitters, ranging from 7 to 80 tons. RABAUD log splitters are designed to split all types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods. They are also equipped with safety devices to ensure user safety.

Our other forestry equipment for professionals and individuals

The RABAUD range also includes a variety of equipment for firewood and forestry operations, for splitting, cutting, sawing, bundling, skidding, screening, loading, grinding, palletizing, towing...

Bench circular saws : RABAUD bench circular saws are ideal for cutting firewood. They are sturdy and easy to use.

Log bundle machine : The RABAUD log bundle machine allows you to make the most of your wood waste. It is compact and easy to use.

Firewood processors : RABAUD firewood processors are suitable for semi-professional to professional use. They combine splitting, sawing, and skidding functions.

Log screeners : RABAUD log screeners clean wood from debris. They are compact and easy to use.

Wood pallet packaging : RABAUD equipment allows for wood pallet packaging. They are suitable for all types of wood.

Bundler : The RABAUD bundler allows for the creation of bundles. It is compact and easy to use.

Forestry trailers : RABAUD forestry trailers are designed to withstand the tough conditions of the forest. They are sturdy and versatile.

Handling grapple : The RABAUD handling grapple allows for the manipulation of heavy loads. It is versatile and easy to use.

Grapple-cutter : The RABAUD grapple-cutter allows for tree cutting. It is robust and efficient.

Forestry mulchers : The RABAUD range offers a complete range of forestry mulchers. They are suitable for all types of wood and green waste.

Reliability and performance of forestry equipment

RABAUD forestry equipment is designed to withstand the most challenging conditions and meet the strictest requirements of its users. They are manufactured with quality materials and undergo rigorous testing.


The range of RABAUD forestry equipment: the complete solution for all your needs

Whether you are a professional or an individual, you will find the equipment that suits you. Find all our forestry machines below :

1 - 20 equipment out of 59

Circular saw benches electric with rocking stand XYLOSCIE EM / ET

With the XYLOSCIE circular saw bench, you can saw with peace of mind and with the comfort of electricity.

Circular saw benches heat engine with rocking stand XYLOSCIE M

Thermal wood saw benches. Ideal for renting and for autonomous sawing. Easily transportable circular saws.

Circular saw benches on tractor with rocking stand XYLOSCIE T

Thermal wood saw benches. Ideal for rental and for independent sawing, these circular saws are easily transportable.

Compost crusher : BR 180

The BR 180 VARIO shredder has been designed for shredding large volumes of green waste, manure, compost, pallets, A and B grade wood.

Cone splitter for mini-excavator : FRH

Cone log splitter. For splitting with mini excavators up to 12 tons.

Electric log splitter : LOISIR TB

Electric log splitters, ideal for large diameter logs.

Electric splitter for 1m wood : XYLO

Electric log splitters are ideal for splitting long logs.

Electric wood chipper : VEGETOR 160E

Electric wood chipper / shredder powered by 48V lithium-ion batteries. Zero CO2 emissions during your chipping.

Firewood cleaner : XYLOCRIBLE

Square Cam Firewood Cleaner, to clean the wood from waste before packaging.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 410

Wood processors with Ø 1000 mm circular blade for logs up to 410 mm of diameter.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 420

Wood processor for firewood, accepting logs up to 420 mm in diameter. Robust and French design.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 520

Wood processor for professional and large-scale production of firewood. Accepts logs up to 600 mm in diameter

Firewood processor : XYLOG 600

Wood processor, accepting logs up to 600 mm in diameter. Versatile and comfortable, it allows the production of firewood and firelighters.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 800

Wood processor for the industrial production of firewood. With cross splitting. Wood diameter up to 800 mm.

Forestry crane : XYLOGRUE

6.75 m or 8 m forestry crane for 3-point mounting on tractor or forestry trailer.

Forestry mulchers with fixed hammers for tractor

Forestry mulchers on tractors with fixed hammers are designed to perform all types of work.

Forestry mulchers with mobile hammers for tractor

Ideal for intensive vegetation cutting, maintenance of forest edges and rural areas with your tractor...

Forestry mulching heads for 15-20 T excavators with fixed hammers

Forestry mulching heads on fixed hammer shovels for all types of maintenance work up to 25 cm in diameter.

Forestry mulching heads for 2.5-12 T excavators with mobile hammers

The forestry mulcher for excavators is ideal for cleaning up vegetation, making firebreaks, etc.
1 - 20 equipment out of 59
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