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Agricultural Materials

Your agricultural equipment is a significant investment for your farm. It allows you to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve the quality of your products. Therefore, it is essential to choose high-quality products from a reliable supplier.

RABAUD is a leading French provider of agricultural equipment. We offer a wide selection of products to meet all your needs, regardless of your type of farming. Our products are made from high-quality materials and employ advanced manufacturing techniques. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and durability.

Are you looking for quality agricultural equipment to optimize your work on your farm? RABAUD, a French company specializing in the manufacture of agricultural equipment for over 40 years, is the ideal solution for you.

Company History - RABAUD

Founded in 1980 by Claude Rabaud, an agriculture enthusiast, RABAUD quickly experienced significant growth and is now one of the European leaders in the manufacture of agricultural equipment.

Commitment to Innovation

RABAUD is an innovative company that continually invests in research and development of new products. With a state-of-the-art research and development center, the company delivers increasingly efficient products tailored to the needs of farmers.

Quality of Offered Agricultural Equipment

RABAUD places quality at the core of its strategy. The products are made from high-quality materials, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques. RABAUD products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and durability.

Wide Product Selection Catering to Farmer's Expectations

RABAUD offers a broad range of products to meet various agricultural needs :

  • For soil work: If you need an efficient solution to clean your farmyard or roads, investing in an agricultural sweeper is a wise choice. Whether installing wire fences or barbed wire fences, we have all the necessary equipment!
  • For fencing: From stake splitters to stake barkers, augers, stake drivers, and finally, barbed wire unrollers – your fence will be easily installed in no time!
  • For cattle farming: Dehorners, mixing bowls, building washers, etc. For instance, the cattle dehorner is an essential tool for quick and painless interventions. The RABAUD mixing bowl will be your ally in blending the feed for your cattle.
  • For poultry farming: Poultry farmers will appreciate the avian building washer, which allows quick and efficient cleaning and disinfection of buildings.
  • Are you a market gardener? Our market gardener hoop setter and hoop straightener will significantly ease your tasks.
  • Finally, the subsoiler-drainer is ideal for deep loosening and improving the drainage of your soils.


French Manufacturing, Product Quality, and Customer Support:

RABAUD is a French company manufacturing its products in France. This French production ensures product quality and proximity to customers.

RABAUD is a French company committed to innovation, offering a wide selection of quality products made in France. If you are looking for quality agricultural equipment to optimize your work on your farm, RABAUD is the ideal solution for you.


1 - 20 equipment out of 41

Aligning / collecting sweeper : MULTINET

With its 2-in-1 function ( lining or collecting ), this front-mounted sweeper is ideal for sweeping roads, streets, communities, public works, construction sites, farmyards, storage areas...

Aligning sweeper : PROCHAMPION

Designed for intensive sweeping using the tractor's front 3-point linkage. The sweeper is ideal for cleaning roads and construction sites.

Aligning sweeper : SUPERCHAMPION

This robust sweeper is adaptable on rear 3-point tractor linkage, perfect for sweeping farm yards, cattle buildings, roads, collectivities, public works, ...

Aligning sweeper : SUPERNET

Sweeper for tractor or compact loader ideal for private use for sweeping cattle buildings, farmyards, roads…

Automatic rod driver : TUNNELMATIC

The TUNNELMATIC allows the automatic and regular installation of hoops and the creation of the tunnel in a single pass. It removes the effort and physical strain required by the manual installation method.

Barbed wire unwinding machine : CLOTURMATIC RXB

Barbed wire unwinding and laying machine from 2 to 5 rows. Ideal for livestock farming to create your own fences, to secure roadsides or a property...

Collecting sweeper : TURBONET

Ideal sweeper for the collection of waste on roads, in communities, public works, cattle buildings... This sweeper can be adapted on tractors, telescopics handlers, backhoe loaders, front loaders.

Collecting sweeper : URBANET

Collecting sweeper adaptable on small tractors and with lifting arm to empty your waste into a trailer. For the maintenance of your municipality, city…

Compost crusher : BR 180

The BR 180 VARIO shredder has been designed for shredding large volumes of green waste, manure, compost, pallets, A and B grade wood.

Concrete mixer bowl : BAV

The concrete mixing bucket is adaptable on telescopic handlers or tractors. This mixer can be used to make all types of mixes for concrete or cattle feed.

Cubicle sweeper : LOGENET

Sweeper for cleaning animal stalls, cattle buildings, silage pushing...

DRAINING subsoiler

Drainage subsoiler for double use: drainage and subsoiling. Ideal for laying drains or subsoiling to decompact your soil.

Garder blades : HEAVY

Optimize the use of your grader blade for various tasks throughout the year: leveling, snow clearing, backfilling, cleaning, dredging, earthworks, and leveling.

Garder blades : LIGHT / STANDARD / BULL

Grader blades for grading, snow removal, backfilling, cleaning, clearing, earthworks, levelling... Use your blade all year round.

Hydraulic cattle dehorner

The hydraulic cattle dehorner allows you to cut quickly and without the stressful noise of a discer. This makes it much easier to adjust the cut to the right length.

Hydraulic hole digger : TRH

Hydraulic Hole diggers for excavators up to 8 tons or telescopic handlers.

Hydraulic hole digger : TRH MANUAL

Manual hole digger for 2-person operation. Works with the hydraulics of your machine. Easy to use, it is ideal for occasional planting.

Hydraulic hole digger with geared motor : TMR

Hole diggers with high torque geared motor for excavators up to 30 tons.

Hydraulic post pointers : BIFACE / QUADRIFACE

Post pointers for agricultural use, supplying an output of 250 posts per hour. The posts are ready to be driven easily into the ground.

Manual post peeler : ROBOPEL 150

Manual peeling machine for round or split wood of 150 mm diameter. Perfect for peeling posts, wood... All types of wood.
1 - 20 equipment out of 41
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