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Firewood processor : XYLOG 800

Wood processor for the industrial production of firewood. With cross splitting. Wood diameter up to 800 mm.

After the XYLOG 520 and the XYLOG 600, RABAUD expands its range of firewood processors with a model designed for industrial use: the XYLOG 800. Accepting logs up to 800 mm in diameter, this fixed version sawing and splitting combination unit is ideal for intensive and large-scale log production.
Designed to adapt to your production type, this firewood processing machine features a 4-meter V-shaped feeding conveyor to easily handle logs of any length. Three independent clamps conform to the log's shape to hold it in place during sawing.
Similar to its counterparts, the cutting length of the XYLOG 800 is adjustable from 250 to 500 mm to meet various demands. Depending on the chosen model, the cutting can be done by guide bar or circular saw blade.
For even greater efficiency, the cut logs are directed to a buffer zone and then into the splitting channel. This channel, consisting of a step-by-step adjustable metal conveyor, ensures a regular and controlled feed of logs to the splitting mechanism, which is composed of two independent blades.
Versatile, this firewood processor has an air-conditioned cabin with WIFI connectivity to provide comfort to firewood professionals.
A log cleaner XYLOCRIBLE and a palletizer XYLOPACK can be added at the exit of the evacuation conveyor for a complete installation.
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On video : Firewood processor : XYLOG 800

RABAUD - Combiné scieur/fendeur XYLOG 800

RABAUD - Combiné bois de chauffage : XYLOG 800

Main Features

  • Feeding of the firewood processor with a 3-chain deck: up to 8 m of usable chain (for stationary machines). Ideal for logs up to 4 m long.
  • Dual belt in-feed conveyor, 440 mm wide, V-shaped, 4 m long, for good feeding of wood to the cutter, even for short lengths.
  • Maximum cutting diameter 800 mm.
  • Cutting length adjustable from 250 to 500 mm. Length of cut managed by a hydraulically adjustable stop, with a backward movement of the stop at the time of cutting to avoid constraining the sawing.
  • Cutting wood from the bottom up for better productivity. No time is lost when cutting small diameter logs.
  • 3 independent wood holding clamps for cutting. Whatever the shape of the wood, the clamps are in contact with it.
  • Possibility to evacuate directly the pieces that are not to be split without passing through the splitting cross (Ø 200 mm max). The wood scraps can also be evacuated to the rear thanks to the pallet.
  • Buffer zone with a 3-metre long belt for continuous feeding of logs to the splitter.
  • Splitting system with two independent blades, with 3 independent pressers for a good hold of the wood.
  • ISO POWER system on the blades, to manage the speed of the blades according to the power required.
  • XYLOMETER® : Automated system for measuring the volume of wood produced.
  • On the splitting area, a metal conveyor with an adjustable pace feed from 40 to 300 mm for the size of the logs.
  • Design according to your requirements for stationary machines.

Technical characteristics

Splitting power
Cutting Ø
Length of cut
Cutting system
Splitting system
Infeed deck
Discharge conveyor
16 Tons with automatic speed with continuous varation ISO POWER
Max. 800 mm
Adjustable from 250 to 500 mm
SUPERCUT with guide bar type harvesting head
Length 1130 mm - type 0,404
Automatic tensioning and self-lubrication
2 independent blades with 3 pressers for good wood retention
Useful length 8 m with 3 chains
A 2x4 m V-shaped strips
Length 8 m and width 70 cm with independent strips and metal bars
Height adjustable from 1.30 to 5 m
Adjustable over 6 m
Three-phase electric motors 2x35 kW (2x50 HP) or Electric or Heat engine (Deutz 75 HP or Perkins 95 HP engine)
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance