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Vine/Arbo​​​​​​​ Materials

Are you a conscientious winemaker or orchardist looking to perfect your practices? Our equipment is designed to meet your specific needs. With our extensive range of tools, you can now mechanize various steps of your work, from composting to trellising, weeding, and maintenance.

RABAUD Compost Spreaders: for optimal fertilization

Optimize your composting with RABAUD compost spreaders: composting is a crucial step in sustainable agriculture, and the FERTIDIS spreader allows you to apply organic matter in the right places and in the right quantities. With a robust design and a large loading capacity, this equipment enables you to evenly distribute your compost on your plots, promoting optimal soil fertilization.

RABAUD Post Drivers and Augers: for fast and precise stake planting

The creation of vineyards and the planting of stakes/tutors are essential steps in viticulture and arboriculture. No more exhausting manual efforts! With RABAUD post drivers, you can complete this operation in record time. Designed to provide significant driving force and maximum precision, this equipment allows you to effortlessly plant your stakes. You can also replace vine plants with RABAUD augers and the numerous choices of augers to adapt on top.
Our augers or post drivers can be adapted to all types of carriers: vineyard tractors, vineyard sprayers, MAV, mini-excavators, front loaders, compact loaders...


Key advantages of RABAUD post drivers and augers :

  • Speed: they allow for quick stake planting, regardless of soil type.
  • Precision: they provide significant driving force, allowing stakes to be planted in the right place and at the right depth.
  • Versatility: they can be used to plant different types of stakes and dig holes.
  • Adaptability: they can be adapted to all types of carriers.

Weed Brush: an ecological and effective method to preserve the health of your crops

Preserve the health of your crops with the weed brush: weed control is a constant concern for any farmer. Our arboricultural weed brush offers an ecological and effective method to eliminate weeds without the use of chemical products. Mounted on your tractor, this brush allows you to mechanically weed the rows of vines or trees, preserving their health while reducing your environmental footprint.

RABAUD Smooth Wire Unroller: for optimal support of your plantations

Simplify your maintenance work with the RABAUD smooth wire unroller: managing smooth wires in your vineyards or orchards can be tedious, but our wire unroller is here to make your task easier. In a single pass, you can unroll your wires with precision, providing optimal support for your plantations.

1 - 20 equipment out of 25

Automatic rod driver : TUNNELMATIC

The TUNNELMATIC allows the automatic and regular installation of hoops and the creation of the tunnel in a single pass. It removes the effort and physical strain required by the manual installation method.

Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 1000

Compost spreaders, chopped straw, shavings/sawdust for vegetable growing, vineyards and arboriculture.

Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 3000

Trailed compost spreader, chopped straw, chips/sawdust...

Hydraulic hole digger : TRH

Hydraulic Hole diggers for excavators up to 8 tons or telescopic handlers.

Hydraulic hole digger : TRH MANUAL

Manual hole digger for 2-person operation. Works with the hydraulics of your machine. Easy to use, it is ideal for occasional planting.

Hydraulic hole digger on straddle tractor

Hydraulic Hole digger adaptable on straddle tractors, front 3-point tractors, or other carriers. Wide choice of vineyard augers for use in all types of soil.

Hydraulic hole digger with geared motor : TMR

Hole diggers with high torque geared motor for excavators up to 30 tons.

Hydraulic post pointers : BIFACE / QUADRIFACE

Post pointers for agricultural use, supplying an output of 250 posts per hour. The posts are ready to be driven easily into the ground.

Manual post peeler : ROBOPEL 150

Manual peeling machine for round or split wood of 150 mm diameter. Perfect for peeling posts, wood... All types of wood.

Mechanical hole digger on TRACTOR VITI

Hole digger for vineyard creation and renovation. Vineyard Hole diggers are suitable for tractors from 15 to 80 hp.

Mechanical post pointer : BIFACE 185

This post pointer is designed for professional. This machine can produce up to 500 posts per hour, thanks to its design: the mechanical system provides fast movement.

Plain wire unwinding machine : DEROULMATIC

Unwinder / rewinder for plain wires equipped with 1 to 5 rows of plain wires. Ideal for fencing.

Post driver on excavator

Post driver by percussion adaptable to mini-excavator, backhoe loader, telescopic handler, loader... The adaptation is tailor-made according to the model of your carrier and its attachment.

Post splitter : POLYCOMPACT

This ultra-compact post splitter will allow you to convert your logs into 2 or 4 posts effortlessly. Its unique telescopic frame design does not require the addition of an axle for transport.

Post splitter : TRAILED

Towed post splitter offers a large working range: posts up to 3.20 m long. Ideal for the production of large piles, such as for arboriculture.

Rod straightening machine

Machine for straightening steel hoops used in the creation of tunnels in vegetable growing. Repair 2000 hoops per hour.

Semi-automatic post peeler : ROBOPEL 250

Semi-automatic post peeler for round timber up to 250 mm diameter. Peeling the posts increases their life span (prevents diseases).

Tilting mast post driver : MÂT VITI

Compact 95 cm post driver, ideal for vineyards. Posts driven by a 160 kg sliding mass mounted on a mast.

Vibrating post driver : VIBRESCOPIC 150

Percussion post driver with striking head, ideal for small posts (ø 80 mm max.) and for limited activity in viticulture or arboriculture.
1 - 20 equipment out of 25
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