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Compost crusher : BR 180

The BR 180 VARIO shredder has been designed for shredding large volumes of green waste, manure, compost, pallets, A and B grade wood.

Our green waste shredder BR 180 VARIO has been designed to reduce the volumes of green and plant waste by shredding them to transform them into compost, useful for soil fertilization.
Increasingly used by biogas plants, municipal waste disposal centers, agricultural machinery cooperatives (CUMA), they also allow for the shredding of heavy or light manure, necessary for the production of biogas for renewable energy. A way to also reduce costs and time spent on waste treatment.
Equipped with a large tank, a foldable hopper at the front, and a feeder roller with an opening of 47 cm, the compost shredder allows for the easy processing of long and bulky waste while ensuring optimal shredding quality.
By installing the splitting comb located at the rotor level, you will obtain a much finer compost to use as an organic amendment for soil fertilization.
The robust hammers that make up its rotor allow the passage of hard and imposing material without the risk of breakage or premature wear. A deferring roller can be added optionally to recover any metallic or inappropriate waste that may sometimes be found in the self-service bins of municipal waste disposal centers.
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On video : Compost crusher : BR 180

RABAUD : Broyeur de compost : BR 180 VARIO

Main Features

  • For shredding large volumes of green waste, manure, compost, pallets and category A and B wood.
  • Loading hopper with a loading volume of 3 m³, equipped with a hydraulically-retractable cap to push the waste towards the moving floor.
  • This metallic treadmill, fitted with steel tines, forwards the product towards the crushing chamber.
  • This shredding area, with high-resistance steel walls, contains:
    - The feeding roller (capacity under roller: 470 mm)
    - The fast rotor with high inertia (1400 mm wide – Ø 730 mm - 36 knives with total rotation carbid tips)
    - The comb (hydraulically retractable)
    - The calibration grids (hydraulically retractable, surface 100 or 200 mm), which can be bolted and superimposed.
  • Discharge of shredded material by rubber conveyor (width 1.60 m, length 5 m, discharge height 3.50 m).
  • Average performance depending on the product shredded :
    - Green waste: 18 T/h (about 68 m³/h)
    - Straw manure: 15 T/h (about 123 m³/h)
    - Fresh manure: 40 T/h (about 105 m³/h)
    - Compost: 86 T/h (about 110 m³/h)
  • The shredder is driven by a 180 kW / 244 hp heat engine – DEUTZ tier 4 EU, 6 cylinders.
  • All the operations (ON/OFF, rotation reversion, cap up/down, shredder translation...) can be radiocontrolled.
  • Double-axle tandem chassis to support the load without excessive height.
  • To create a swath, the shredder can move forward autonomously during shredding.

Technical characteristics

Rotor type
Rotor drive
Mobile knives
Capacity under feed roller
Roller width
Hopper loading volume
Loading height
Size of hopper (L x W x H)
Discharge conveyor (L x W)
Discharge height of conveyor
Transport dimensions (L x W x H)
Work dimensions (L x W x H)
BR 180
Width : 1400 mm - Diameter : 730 mm - Weight : 750 kg
2 hydraulic geared motors
470 mm
1600 mm
3,00 m³
2,00 m
3,50 x 2,50 x 1,40 m
5,00 m
3,50 m
DEUTZ Tier 4 EU / 180 kW
6 cylinders, air cooling
Towed with double tandem axle
Tyres 445/45 R19.5
9,40 x 2,50 x 3,60 m
11,40 x 2,50 x 3,30 m
14,5 T
Green waste : Approximately 18 T/h (68 m³/h)
Straw manure / straw : Approximately 15 T/h (123 m³/h)
Heavy / fresh manure : Approximately 40 T/h (105 m³/h)
Compost : Approximately 86 T/h (110 m³/h)
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
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