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New products

Innovation is at the heart of Rabaud's strategy

Rabaud, a company specializing in the design and sale of agricultural, forestry, construction, viticultural, and green space equipment, places innovation at the heart of its strategy. It has an internal Research & Development department to ensure constant evolution. This department is responsible for developing new technologies and products to meet its customers' needs.

Rabaud regularly files patents

In 30 years, Rabaud has filed more than 55 patents. These patents cover a wide range of innovations, such as :

  • Innovative safety systems to protect machine users.
  • More efficient transmission systems to enhance machine performance.
  • More durable materials to extend the machines' lifespan.

Rabaud innovates every day

Innovation is a constant endeavor at Rabaud. The company encourages its employees to propose innovative ideas. These ideas are then reviewed by the Research & Development department, which validates and develops them.

Rabaud offers quality French machines

Rabaud controls all the processes of design, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, and delivery. This control allows the company to offer quality French machines, certified according to current standards.

Rabaud is an innovative company, always looking for new solutions to improve its products and services. This innovation serves professionals looking for efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly machines.

1 - 8 equipment out of 8

Hydraulic sorting grabs : R-GRIP

RABAUD expands with a range of R-GRIP sorting grapples! Available in two models for excavators weighing 1.5 to 4.5 tons, R-GRIP 15/25 and 25/45 sorting grapples expand RABAUD's wide range of accessories for mini-excavators. Ideal for rock work, recycling, sorting, and even small demolition jobs, R-GRIP hydraulic sorting grabs allows for gripping heavy and bulky loads with its large opening up to 1215 mm (810 mm on the smaller model) and synchronized closing of its jaws.

Horizontal log splitter for tractor : F45

RABAUD evolves its horizontal log splitter F40 to a new version, F45, for even more performance! Aimed at professionals in the firewood business or CUMA, the hydraulic log splitter F40 evolves to become the F45, increasing its splitting power from 40 to 45 tons. Designed to pre-split logs of significant diameter for processing in a cutter/splitter combo, a splitter, or a shredder. The horizontal F45 splitter also increases its clearance, allowing it to split logs up to 2.50 meters long.

Concrete mixing bucket for excavator : TURBOMIX 117 GB

RABAUD introduces the TURBOMIX 117 GB, a compact concrete mixing bucket designed for mini-excavators ranging from 2.5 to 8 tons. With a mixing volume of 140 liters, it allows for on-site concrete production, reducing waste and enhancing safety. The anti-abrasion steel blades ensure a uniform mix of materials, while the discharge gate can be operated from the cabin. The TURBOMIX 117 GB provides efficient mixing even for mini-excavators with low hydraulic flow.

Kindling machine : XYLOFLAM 330/450+

RABAUD extends its range of products for firewood production by launching a new version of its kindling machine, the XYLOFLAM 330/450 +, specially designed for professionals. This machine can process a wide variety of wood, whether it be hardwoods with knots or softwoods, with a maximum diameter of 45 cm. It also offers the flexibility to insert logs of 5 different lengths: 15, 20, 25, 30, or 33 cm.

Collecting sweeper : URBANET

RABAUD evolves its street sweeper URBANET to the URBANET G version, for even greater precision and efficiency. Recognized and appreciated for combining maneuverability and efficiency, the URBANET G is designed to be towed by tractors starting from 20 HP. Its size, optimized for navigating through narrow streets, and its sweeping width of 1.50 m or 2 m depending on the model, make this sweeper collector the ideal tool for municipalities for the maintenance of city centers and public spaces.

Forestry trailers double beam : XYLOTRAIL

RABAUD expands its range of forestry trailers with a new twin-beam model, the XYLOTRAIL 18. The XYLOTRAIL 18 has a total authorized weight in load (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - GVWR) of 18 tons and is road-approved at a speed of 25 km/h thanks to its hydraulic braking system on all four wheels. Another major feature of the XYLOTRAIL 18 is the optional new XYLOGRUE 8 PRO crane it is equipped with. This crane, with a reach of 8 meters, has a lifting capacity of 800 kg at the tip of the boom.

Garden chippers : VEGETOR 80

RABAUD expands its range of branch shredders from the bottom up with 3 new models, the VEGETOR 80. These ultra-compact machines allow access to all sites, especially thanks to the large inflatable wheels that facilitate manual movement. The VEGETOR 80 comes in 3 versions: - Gasoline-powered with a Kohler 9.5 HP / 7 kW engine with manual start, the VEGETOR 80 M - Electric with a 5.5 kW three-phase electric motor, the VEGETOR 80 E - For tractors from 10 to 25 HP with drive by the PTO 540 rpm, the VEGETOR 80 T

Aligning sweeper on excavator : ASTRANET

RABAUD, a key player in the sweeping sector for over 30 years, has just released the ASTRANET, a new sweeper adaptable to excavators for the maintenance of roads, streets, and various networks. Mounted without wheels, the ASTRANET features an attachment equipped with a "FloatSweep" mount. A feature that allows it to conform to the road's surface, thus bridging the unevenness of the streets for a better sweeping result. Ideal for sweeping on VRD (Voirie et Réseaux Divers - Roadworks and Miscellaneous Networks) construction sites, the very first ASTRANET 1500 PE model fits excavators ranging from 4 to 12 tons and offers a sweeping width of 1.50 m.
1 - 8 equipment out of 8

Through this certification, RABAUD commits to offering you: a continuous range of new products, adherence to delivery deadlines, satisfaction with technical assistance, adherence to deadlines for parts, compliance with current standards, adherence to the environmental charter, and a network of distributors across the territory.

These innovations are designed to make our products more efficient, more durable, and more environmentally friendly. They meet the needs of both professionals and individuals who are looking for innovative and effective solutions.

In addition to these new products, Rabaud is constantly looking for new ideas. The company encourages its employees to propose innovative projects, which could lead to new products or services.

Rabaud is a dynamic and innovative company, always in search of new solutions to improve its products and services.

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