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Post drivers

RABAUD, a global player in the mechanization of fence installation, offers a wide range of post drivers.
For over 40 years, RABAUD has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing impact, mast, rotary pendulum, and percussion post drivers tailored to your needs for all types of carriers: tractor, narrow tractor, vineyard tractor, mini-excavator, telescopic handler, front loader, compact loader... to effortlessly drive fence posts, trellising, signaling panels, anchoring, etc.

We offer post drivers with two main working principles: by PERCUSSION or by MASS, in order to provide work adapted to all types of soils. Ranges suitable for fencing, viticulture, arboriculture, green spaces, or construction, with the ability to drive all types of wooden or metal posts.

Each post driver operating by percussion has a striking bell of great robustness, forged, machined, and treated, Ø 150 mm.
Regardless of the type of post driver, our models are equipped with mechanical or hydraulic offset, allowing for driving posts plumb regardless of the slope or installing inclined posts (reinforcement posts).

In addition to their performance, RABAUD post drivers are also distinguished by their reliability and durability. Made with superior quality materials, they are designed to drive posts into the most challenging soils.

Today, the concerns and needs of users are no longer the same as 40 years ago: that's why RABAUD has always evolved its ranges based on your feedback from the field. Each model is designed to meet the specific needs of users, their profession, and their region.

1 - 7 equipment out of 7

Post driver on excavator

Post driver by percussion adaptable to mini-excavator, backhoe loader, telescopic handler, loader... The adaptation is tailor-made according to the model of your carrier and its attachment.

Post driver on telescopic, excavator

Models for adaptation to front loader, telescopic handler, or mini-excavator with optional hydraulic tilt.

Tilting mast post driver : MÂT ÉLEVEUR

These post drivers hit with a 160 kg mass sliding on a vertical mast. Maximum striking power of 1618 joules/m. Ideal for flat, hilly or irregular fields.

Tilting mast post driver : TURBOFRAP 200

The TURBOFRAP 200 swinging mast pile driver is a model with a swinging mass and equipped with a 200° rotation to drive stakes to the right or left.

Vibrating post driver : VIBRESCOPIC 150

Percussion post driver with striking head, ideal for small posts (ø 80 mm max.) and for limited activity in viticulture or arboriculture.

Vibrating post driver : VIBRESCOPIC II ÉLEVEUR

The percussion-driven VIBRESCOPIC BREEDER pile driver is usable in all types of terrains, even the toughest.

Vibrating post driver : VIBRESCOPIC II PRO ÉLEVEUR

Percussion post driver with stricking head for agricultural or fencing work. It's the most powerful model in the range.
1 - 7 equipment out of 7
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