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Post driver on telescopic, excavator

Models for adaptation to front loader, telescopic handler, or mini-excavator with optional hydraulic tilt.

RABAUD expands its pile-driving range with two models specially designed for adaptation on a front loader, telescopic handler, or mini-excavator: the VIBRESCOPIC 17/35 MP and the VIBRESCOPIC 18/40 MP.
These models, combined with the carrier, help to reduce equipment costs.
RABAUD offers adaptation according to your carrier's attachment.
As an option, it is possible to add a hydraulic tilt of +/- 20°. This pile driver for mini-excavators was designed to drive wooden or metal posts (with an optional anvil).
The offset hammer provides an excellent view for the operator from the cabin.
The hammer strike is triggered when the hammer comes into contact with the post.
The adaptation of this post driver for mini-excavators and its compact size allow for work on uneven terrain and access to complex areas without having to move the excavator. This equipment for simple fence installation, maintenance, and versatility allows for intensive trellising work or fence creation both in livestock farming and in the public works sector.
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On video : Post driver on telescopic, excavator

RABAUD : Enfonce-pieux : VIBRESCOPIC 17-35

RABAUD : Enfonce-pieux VIBRESCOPIC 18-40

RABAUD : Présentation de l'enfonce-pieux VIBRESCOPIC 17-35 sur mini-pelle

RABAUD : Vibrations-Pfahlramme : VIBRESCOPIC MP 17-35

Main Features

  • Adaptation on miniexcavadora, telescopic, front and compact loader.
  • RABAUD offers a hitch according to your carrier
  • New hammer with high striking frequency.
  • Hammer mounted on shock-absorbing cushions to eliminate vibrations and reduce noise.
  • Hydraulic tilting +/- 20° in option
  • Lift/lower cylinder for a constant support on the post, to allow its holding.
  • Percussion hammer mounted on a mast with anti-wear ertalon guides. The hammer is lowered by means of a cylinder to guide the post as it is driven into the ground, while exerting a supporting force by striking.
  • Offset of the striking head to get a better view of the machine during the drive.
  • Strongly-built Ø 150 mm striking head, wrought iron finished and processed.
    Slightly concave strinking head to recenter the pile without damaging it during driving.

Technical characteristics

Max. post length
Striking head Ø
Percussion hammer
Square profile length
Hammer lowering
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Weight (without linkage)
Power of vehicle
Depends on the carrier
150 mm
950 strokes/min.
0,50 m
Traction cylinder
0,57 x 0,90 x 1,17 m
184 kg
Excavator 1.7 T (2.5 T with hydraulic tilting)
or front, compact or telescopic loader
Depends on the carrier
150 mm
1700 strokes/min.
0,50 m
Traction cylinder
0,57 x 0,94 x 1,17 m
220 kg
Excavator 1.8 to 4 T max.
or front loader or telescopic loader
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance