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Post driver on excavator

Post driver by percussion adaptable to mini-excavator, backhoe loader, telescopic handler, loader... The adaptation is tailor-made according to the model of your carrier and its attachment.

3 models of post drivers for adaptation to excavators or mini-excavators starting from 1.5 tons. The VIBRESCOPIC MP can also be mounted on an agricultural loader, compact loader, or telescopic handler.
This post driver for mini-excavator has been designed to drive wooden or metal stakes in the agricultural sector. It allows driving fence posts, trellising vines, reinforcing banks, planting stakes in orchards, or installing anchors for tents, marquees, and other temporary structures.
It adapts to the toughest soils thanks to a percussion hammer device with a power of 0 to 950 blows/min, adjustable by the operator, allowing complete control of the driving phase. The impact is triggered when the hammer comes into contact with the stake.
Its striking bell with a Ø of 150 mm is machined and concave to guide the stake throughout the driving process without damaging it.
An optional hydraulic tilt allows keeping the post plumb on slopes.
This equipment remains easy to use, maintain, and versatile for intensive trellising or fence creation work, both in livestock farming and in the field of public works.
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On video : Post driver on excavator

RABAUD : Enfonce-pieux sur mini-pelle : VIBRESCOPIC 15-35

RABAUD : Vibrations-Pfahlramme für Minibagger : VIBRESCOPIC 15-35

Enfonce-pieux Vibrescopic 35/95 Rabaud pour mini-pelle

RABAUD - Pince sur Enfonce-pieux Mini-pelle VIBRESCOPIC 35/95

RABAUD : présentation de la gamme d'accessoires pour pelles et mini-pelles

Main Features

  • Adaptation on excavator, backhoe loader...
  • Rabaud offers adaptation on automatic coupling hitch, for all brands.
  • Drives posts of all sorts, in all grounds without adjustment.
  • Excellent accuracy: the post is held during the work process.
  • Easy to use
  • Strongly-built Ø 150 mm striking head, wrought iron finished and processed.
    Slightly concave strinking head to recenter the pile without damaging it during driving.
  • The machine does not damage the poles, since the power is regulated.

Technical characteristics

Max. post length
Striking head Ø
Percussion hammer
Square profile length
Hammer lowering
Power of vehicle
Depends on the carrier
150 mm
950 strokes/min.
0,50 m
Traction cylinder
160 kg
1.5 T to 3.5 T maxi. for excavator or telescopic
Depends on the carrier
150 mm
950 strokes/min.
0,60 m
Traction cylinder
180 kg
3.5 T to 5.5 T maxi. for excavator or telescopic
Depends on the carrier
150 mm
1500 strokes/min
0,80 m
Traction cylinder
335 kg
Excavators from 3.5 T
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance