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Collecting sweeper on forklift : TURBONET AUTONOME

Industrial sweeper that does not need any hydraulic connection to your forklift. Ideal for sweeping warehouses, car parks, industrial parks…

An essential solution for industrial sweeping, the self-contained sweeper TURBONET AUTONOME quickly adapts to the forks of your forklift without any hydraulic or electrical connection. This advantage is made possible by the brush being driven by the rotation of the wheels, allowing for both indoor and outdoor maintenance of warehouses, DIY stores, material storage areas, parking lots, construction sites, roads... COMPLETELY AUTONOMOUSLY.
Similar to the TURBONET 1500, 2000, or 2300 A, this industrial sweeper offers top-loading of the hopper, efficient for capturing lightweight debris such as dust, leaves, sand, chips... achieving an 80% filling coefficient.
For better working comfort, the operator can empty the collection hopper without leaving the cab using a simple cord.
Its chevron-shaped polypropylene brush, respectful of asphalt or coating, provides optimal collection of both lightweight and bulky waste on large surfaces while limiting dust through an optional watering feature. The passage along edges or under storage racks is made possible thanks to an optional side brush.
Robust and maneuverable, it allows for intensive work while easily maneuvering around all obstacles.
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RABAUD - Balayeuse autonome pour chariot élévateur TURBONET 1500 AUTONOME

Main Features

  • Collecting sweeper without hydraulic connection through the forklift => fast coupling without getting out of the vehicle.
  • Independent sweeper : the hydraulic drive is made by the rotation of the wheels on the ground.
  • Inserted hydraulic motors in the metal brush hub for compact transport size and for engine protection.
  • Collecting process is done by the top of the machine with an excellent collecting rate of 80 %.
  • Box emptying with 2 hydraulic cylinders with actuation from the operating cab. Up to 4 cycles between 2 sweepings.
  • Floating polypropylene brush Ø 530 mm with shape.
  • Reinforced side mudflaps and frame for an intensive use.
  • Swiveling rubber wheels to respect the swing radius.

Technical characteristics

Brush length
Brush diameter
Brush fibre type
Collecting box :
Total volume
Useful volume
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Working speed
1500 mm
530 mm
Chevron polypropylene

460 L
350 L
1,93 x 1,72 x 1,03 m
640 kg
Forklift forks
120 bar min. - 200 bar max.
5 km/h recommended
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance