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Collecting sweeper : TURBONET

Ideal sweeper for the collection of waste on roads, in communities, public works, cattle buildings... This sweeper can be adapted on tractors, telescopics handlers, backhoe loaders, front loaders.

Thanks to its adaptation to various vehicles such as tractors, telescopic handlers, backhoe loaders, and loaders, the sweeping collector TURBONET A performs well in road maintenance, public works, as well as on farmyards or livestock buildings.
Both at the front and at the rear of the carrier, this professional sweeping collector minimizes overhang, providing excellent visibility for the operator.
Similar to the TURBONET AUTONOME on a forklift, this sweeping tool has the particularity of having a top-loading collection system. After being swept up by the brush, the debris bounce on a plate that catapults them directly into the large-capacity collection hopper for an unparalleled filling coefficient of 80%. Its emptying is done hydraulically, allowing the automation of the process to limit physical efforts and save considerable time.
Ideal for intensive work, its reinforced chassis and side flaps provide great robustness, while its floating brush with mixed fibers adapts to delicate or damaged surfaces. Bulky waste, such as material falls, can be collected thanks to articulated flaps positioned between the flap and the brush, which lift to allow the passage of large debris.
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RABAUD : Balayeuse ramasseuse TURBONET


Main Features

  • Adaptable on many carrier vehicles: tractor front or rear 3-point linkage, front loader, telescopic, backhoe loader, loader.
  • Works in the driving direction.
  • Collecting process is done by the top of the machine with an excellent collecting rate of 80 %.
  • Emptying of the box by 2 hydraulic cylinders.
  • Mixed brush (Polyester / Polypropylene) Ø 600 mm with long fibers.
  • Reinforced side mudflaps and frame for an intensive use.
  • Serial floating coupling to follow the road form.
  • 4 swiveling depth control wheels 360°.
  • Excellent driver visibility and ease of use.

Technical characteristics

Brush length
Brush diameter (inner / outer)
Brush fibre type
Collecting box :
Total volume
Useful volume
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Weight with 1 hdyraulic motor
Weight 2 hydraulic motors
Flow 1 hydraulic motor
Flow 2 hydraulic motors
1500 mm
178 mm / 600 mm
Mixed (polypropylene/polyester)

460 L
350 L
1,92 x 1,72 x 1,01 m
480 kg
508 kg
3-point tractor front and rear N°2,front loader, telescopic handler, backhoe loader...
30 L/min. mini. - 60 L/min. max.
61 L/min. mini. - 120 L/min. max.
120 bar min. - 200 bar max.
2000 mm
178 mm / 600 mm
Mixed (polypropylene/polyester)
2300 mm
178 mm / 600 mm
Mixed (polypropylene/polyester)

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Balayeuse Ramasseuse Turbonet 2000 A

Announcement : n° 22399
State : Very good state
Year : 2022
Guarantee : 12-months warranty

Balayeuse Ramasseuse Turbonet 2000 A

Announcement : n° 22462
State : Good state
Year : 2019
Guarantee : 12-months warranty
11470€ HT

Balayeuse Ramasseuse Turbonet 2300 A

Announcement : n° 22490
State : Very good state
Year : 2022
Guarantee : 12-months warranty
11210€ HT
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
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