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Collecting sweeper : TOWED 1000 A

Self-propelled, this sweeper can be fitted on your quad, micro-tractor, lawnmower... It is ideal for sweeping and collecting waste in parks and gardens.

Operating autonomously, the towed sweeper-collector TRACTED 1000 A is mechanically driven by the rotation of its two wheels and can adapt to micro-tractors, ATVs, ride-on mowers, or even behind a horse. An ideal equipment for maintaining yards, driveways, or green spaces.
Its chevron brush with a working width of one meter and its 150-liter collection bin allow for optimal cleaning of small to medium-sized areas.
For more precision, a side brush can be added optionally to adapt to all configurations, such as along edges.
Designed to adapt to all weather conditions, this towed sweeper has a robust chassis entirely made of sheet metal and solid wheels for increased durability and traction. It can pick up branches and other debris without the risk of punctures. The optional addition of a leaf bin with a useful capacity of 250 liters allows it to adapt to autumnal constraints.
A robust, autonomous, and versatile sweeping tool to keep your surfaces clean and well-maintained!
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On video : Collecting sweeper : TOWED 1000 A

Rabaud Towed 1000A

RABAUD - Balayeuse ramasseuse pour quad / cheval : TRACTÉE 1000A

Main Features

  • Adaptable to all carriers with Ø 50 mm ball hitch: ride-on mower, quad, micro-tractor, behind a horse...
  • Autonomous operation : mechanical broom drive via two wheels.
  • Working width of 1.00 m
  • Metal hub and 6-row fibre chevron brush.
  • Very strong and very resistant brush thanks to the metal hub.
  • Wide and solid wheels : for greater durability and grip.
  • 150 L collecting box (useful capacity of 100 L) with manual release.
  • Options : side brush, collecting box special for leaves with total capacity of 380 L (useful capacity of 250 L).

Technical characteristics

Brush length
Diameter (inner / outer)
Brush fibre type
Current use collecting box capacity
Collecting box capacity
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Towing hitch Ø 50 for Quad…
1000 mm
100 mm / 280 mm
Metal hub and 6-row fibre chevron brush
No angling
100 L
150 L
2,12 x 1,36 x 0,89 m
132 kg
By the wheels with manual unlocking
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance