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Post splitters

The stake splitter is the ideal solution for splitting long logs into stakes.
RABAUD, a leader in mechanization tools for fences, offers two models of stake splitters: the horizontal stake splitter POLYCOMPACT and the horizontal stake splitter TRAÎNÉE. With a power of 15 tons - or 18 tons with hydraulic power unit - these splitters have a splitting capacity of up to 2.25 meters for the POLYCOMPACT model and up to 3.20 meters for the TRAÎNÉE model.

The POLYCOMPACT model stands out for its limited footprint thanks to its telescopic beam, while the TRAÎNÉE splitter, mounted on a road axle, offers a greater working range. Both stake splitters can be adapted to either the hydraulic pump or the power take-off of your tractor, or with a drive by three-phase electric power unit. The TRAÎNÉE stake splitter is easily transportable by a low-power tractor thanks to its two transport wheels.

In addition to splitting stakes, you have the option to work with logs using the 30 cm sharp spreading wedge, which can be quickly disassembled with just 2 bolts. A significant advantage of using a RABAUD horizontal stake splitter lies in the comfort it provides during work. Indeed, thanks to its ideal working height, the user can work without leaning or uncomfortably bending, thereby reducing fatigue and muscle tension for more efficient and enjoyable work.

To complete your equipment, you can add a pointed stake driver or even a debarker, allowing you to mechanize all stages of the manufacturing of your fence stakes.

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Post splitter : POLYCOMPACT

This ultra-compact post splitter will allow you to convert your logs into 2 or 4 posts effortlessly. Its unique telescopic frame design does not require the addition of an axle for transport.

Post splitter : TRAILED

Towed post splitter offers a large working range: posts up to 3.20 m long. Ideal for the production of large piles, such as for arboriculture.
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
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