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Farm equipment

The hydraulic dehorner for cattle is the ideal equipment to reduce injuries within the herd and allow the farmer to handle the animals safely during operations such as insemination, feeding, and more.
This hydraulically driven dehorning tool, compatible with any vehicle, is simple in design and easy to use. It allows for a quick and efficient cutting of cattle horns through a guillotine system.
Once the chosen section length is set, the principle is to pass the animal's horn between two knives: a fixed one and a mobile one attached to a hydraulic cylinder. Using a distributor, the farmer activates the cylinder to cut the horn.
The handling is precise and controlled. This system enables a clean and very quiet cut, avoiding stress for the cattle. The farmer can easily adjust the cutting length and work safely.
Easy to maintain, the cattle dehorner has sharpenable knives to extend their lifespan.
This dehorning tool is delivered in its wooden transport case. Dehorning, tipping... RABAUD's cattle dehorner offers a reliable and effective solution for responsible dehorning.
It ensures the well-being of the animals and the peace of mind of the farmers.

1 - 1 equipment out of 1

Hydraulic cattle dehorner

The hydraulic cattle dehorner allows you to cut quickly and without the stressful noise of a discer. This makes it much easier to adjust the cut to the right length.
1 - 1 equipment out of 1
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