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Discover the full range of RABAUD equipment, French-made machines that come to life at our production site in Sainte-Cécile, in Vendée.

Our forestry equipment range includes essentials such as log splitters, wood cutting and splitting combos, as well as circular saws. Furthermore, we offer a variety of tools for creating and maintaining green spaces, such as forest chippers, branch shredders, and stump grinders.

If you have fencing needs, our offerings include augers, post drivers, and barbed wire unrollers.

Moreover, for road maintenance, we provide a selection of products, including a sweeper, grader blade, salt spreader, leaf vacuum, and weed brush.

Finally, to meet your needs in the construction industry, we offer an array of accessories, including the concrete mixing bucket and concrete mixer, among others.

21 - 40 equipment out of 135

Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 3000

Trailed compost spreader, chopped straw, chips/sawdust...

Concrete mixer bowl : BAV

The concrete mixing bucket is adaptable on telescopic handlers or tractors. This mixer can be used to make all types of mixes for concrete or cattle feed.

Concrete mixing bucket for excavator : TURBOMIX 117 GB

Concrete mixing bucket with unmatched mixing speed and quality, adaptable to mini-excavators from 2.5 to 8 tons. Ideal for your challenging construction sites with limited access.

Concrete mixing buckets with hydraulic grid : TURBOMIX GH

Concrete mixing bucket with blades. Ideal for intensive work with concrete, gravel, mortar... The blades allow a fast, homogeneous mixing and are adapted for products with low water content.

Cone splitter for mini-excavator : FRH

Cone log splitter. For splitting with mini excavators up to 12 tons.

Cubicle sweeper : LOGENET

Sweeper for cleaning animal stalls, cattle buildings, silage pushing...

DRAINING subsoiler

Drainage subsoiler for double use: drainage and subsoiling. Ideal for laying drains or subsoiling to decompact your soil.

Electric log splitter : LOISIR TB

Electric log splitters, ideal for large diameter logs.

Electric splitter for 1m wood : XYLO

Electric log splitters are ideal for splitting long logs.

Electric wood chipper : VEGETOR 160E

Electric wood chipper / shredder powered by 48V lithium-ion batteries. Zero CO2 emissions during your chipping.

Feed mixer and dispenser : MELDIS

Designed to mix cereals, the MELDIS mixer-distributor can be adapted to all types of carriers : 3-point rear or front tractor, telescopic handler, and front loader.

Firewood cleaner : XYLOCRIBLE

Square Cam Firewood Cleaner, to clean the wood from waste before packaging.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 410

Wood processors with Ø 1000 mm circular blade for logs up to 410 mm of diameter.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 420

Wood processor for firewood, accepting logs up to 420 mm in diameter. Robust and French design.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 520

Wood processor for professional and large-scale production of firewood. Accepts logs up to 600 mm in diameter

Firewood processor : XYLOG 600

Wood processor, accepting logs up to 600 mm in diameter. Versatile and comfortable, it allows the production of firewood and firelighters.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 800

Wood processor for the industrial production of firewood. With cross splitting. Wood diameter up to 800 mm.

Forestry crane : XYLOGRUE

6.75 m or 8 m forestry crane for 3-point mounting on tractor or forestry trailer.

Forestry mulchers with fixed hammers for tractor

Forestry mulchers on tractors with fixed hammers are designed to perform all types of work.

Forestry mulchers with mobile hammers for tractor

Ideal for intensive vegetation cutting, maintenance of forest edges and rural areas with your tractor...
21 - 40 equipment out of 135

As a French manufacturer, our sales team is at your service to provide advice and conduct a commercial analysis of your investment.
To better serve you, RABAUD has established a commercial network across the entire territory. All of our dealers undergo training on our products to offer you both commercial and technical assistance.
Complete mastery of the design, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, and delivery processes allows RABAUD to provide you with quality and certified French machines.
Through this certification, RABAUD commits to offering you the following: a continuous stream of new products, adherence to delivery deadlines, satisfaction with technical support, adherence to parts delivery schedules, compliance with current standards, adherence to environmental standards, and a network of distributors across the entire territory.

Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
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