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Aligning sweeper on forklift : SUPERNET INDUS

Rotating sweeper adaptable on forklift, telescopic... This sweeper pushes all types of waste in industry (wood, paper, materials, glass...), roads, construction sites.

A simple and effective solution for cleaning large industrial and commercial surfaces, the forklift sweeper SUPERNET 2000 INDUS allows you to transform your forklift or telescopic handler into a real cleaning machine.
Equipped with sleeves into which the forks of the carrier fit, the industrial sweeper adapts easily by connecting directly to the carrier or to an optional thermal power unit.
With a straight-left orientation of +/- 20° and a polypropylene brush of 2 meters, the SUPERNET 2000 INDUS sweeper removes all types of waste such as chips, sand, gravel, glass, plastic, and even snow, while respecting delicate floors and coatings. A major asset for warehouse maintenance.
Also suitable for road maintenance or public worksites, the sleeve-mounted sweeper has, as an option, a side brush in polyester for high-quality work along sidewalks or buildings.
Its three ground wheels provide great maneuverability. Adjustable in height by spacer, they allow reducing or accentuating the pressure of the brush on the ground for better longevity and optimal sweeping.
This easy-to-use and adaptable sweeper allows for quick and efficient maintenance of large surfaces. It contributes to improving hygiene and safety in the workplace by removing all types of debris, including nails, screws, etc., that could cause accidents.
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Main Features

  • Use for industries (timber, stationery, materials, glass ..), roadways, construction sites…
  • Quick mounting on the forklift.
  • Possibility to adaptat a 5,25 kW / 7 HP heat engine engine for carriers with low flow.
  • Mechanical right/left orientation +/- 20°.
  • Polypropylene brush Ø 550 mm with long fibres Ø inner 127 mm / Ø outer 550 mm.
  • 3 adjustable depth control wheels.

Technical characteristics

Brush length
Brush diameter (inner / outer)
Brush fibre type
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Oil flow
Maximum pressure
2000 mm
127 mm / 550 mm
+/- 20°
1,54 x 2,28 x 0,71 m
Approx. 180 kg
Forklift by 2 sleeves 140 mm wide
15 L/min. mini. - 60 L/min. max.
200 bar
Petrol heat engine 5.25 kW/7 HP,
Ø 550 mm side brush
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance