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Forestry mulchers

The RABAUD forestry mulcher is a versatile tool designed for the maintenance of green spaces, parks, and forests. It eliminates branches, bushes, grinds brambles, trims trunks, and small trees. It prepares the soil for seeding, planting, or allows the creation of firebreak trails. These mulchers can be mounted on various carriers, offering adaptability to the specific needs of each operation. The choice of the ideal mulcher depends on the power of the equipment used.

For a tractor with a power range between 80 to 300 hp, RABAUD offers 3 models of mobile hammer forestry mulchers and 4 models of fixed hammer forestry mulchers to best suit your needs.
We also design forestry mulchers for excavators from 2.5 to 20 tons or 5 models for compact loaders from 50 to 90 hp for mulching different sizes.

Forestry wood mulchers are designed to be used in challenging conditions and are often equipped with advanced safety features to protect the operator and the mulcher itself. They can also be equipped with speed and power control devices to help regulate the operation and ensure maximum efficiency.

RABAUD, a major player in the forestry and green spaces sector, offers a range of XYLOR forestry mulchers. On excavators but also on tractors, with fixed or mobile hammers, the XYLOR forestry mulcher range caters to all types of work: stump grinding, clearing, forestry clearing, or heavy forestry work. Wood mulchers on excavators allow access to the most difficult places. With fixed or mobile hammers, the different models are equipped with the Hydraulic Block Control (HBC) system to regulate hydraulic flow, limit pressure, and allow progressive braking of the rotor. The rotors are electronically balanced at actual rotation speed, ensuring their longevity.

1 - 6 equipment out of 6

Forestry mulching heads for 15-20 T excavators with fixed hammers

Forestry mulching heads on fixed hammer shovels for all types of maintenance work up to 25 cm in diameter.

Forestry mulching heads for 2.5-12 T excavators with mobile hammers

The forestry mulcher for excavators is ideal for cleaning up vegetation, making firebreaks, etc.

Forestry mulching heads for 8-16 T excavators with 360° mobile hammers

Mulching heads with 360° mobile hammers on shovel. Designed for shredding grass, bushes and branches up to 14 cm in diameter.

Forestry mulching heads for 9-16 T excavators with fixed hammers

Forestry mulcher for excavators from 9 to 16 Tons. Ideal for your forest clearing or brush cutting work.

Forestry mulching heads with mobile hammers for skid steer

The Designed to mulch grass, bushes and branches between 5-6 cm diameter.
1 - 6 equipment out of 6
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