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Salt and sand spreader

The SELINET salt spreader enables precise spreading of salt, sand, or pouzzolane on snowy roads to prevent accidents.
Salt enhances snow melting and reduces the freezing capacity of water, thus preventing the formation of ice on the roadway. This material is often used during very low temperatures.
Sand, on the other hand, is used at higher temperatures and promotes tire traction on slippery roads. It can be well combined with salt for a dual action.
Pouzzolane is a volcanic rock mainly used during extremely low temperatures. Like sand, it has no impact on ice melting but has a great adherence capacity. Environmentally friendly, it is ideal for spreading near sensitive areas to avoid potential impacts of salt on ecosystems.
Adaptable to tractors, loaders, telescopic handlers, or compact loaders, the SELINET salt-sand spreader is suitable for all areas. Note that in some cases, there are collaborations between local authorities and farmers regarding road snow removal.
Thanks to its screw conveyor, the salt-sand spreader allows for uniform and precise spreading. It provides the choice of material, thus meeting all meteorological and environmental constraints.
In case of heavy snow, the SNOWNET snowplow blade can be your best ally to clear the snow before spreading, making roads passable despite extreme weather conditions.

1 - 1 equipment out of 1

Salt spreading machine : SELINET

Salt spreader for spreading salt, sand, pozzolan... Ideal for salting the right amount while respecting nature.
1 - 1 equipment out of 1
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