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Public works & construction Materials

Discover the complete range of RABAUD equipment for construction professionals. Whether it's for construction, public works, or maintenance of outdoor spaces, you'll find tools to mechanize your worksites.

Example of the concrete mixer bucket

The RABAUD concrete mixer bucket is the suitable tool for preparing your concrete on-site, without relying on concrete mixers. With significant capacities and a blade mixing system, it allows you to produce high-quality concrete.

Benefit from various models of Rabaud concrete mixers

A range of concrete mixers also exists to meet all your requirements for concrete mixing. The RABAUD concrete mixer range includes models with horizontal or vertical axes. They are designed to meet all needs, from small worksites to large projects.

RABAUD hydraulic sweepers:

If you are looking for an effective solution to clean your worksites, we have numerous models of hydraulic sweepers suitable for your use, regardless of your carrier - tractor, loader, excavator, truck, telescopic handler, forklift, etc. - and regardless of your worksites - road, warehouse, landfill, industry, community...

Pile drivers adapted to your works

To drive in your stakes, discover our pile drivers for mini-excavators, compact loaders, and telescopic handlers. RABAUD pile drivers are designed for mini-excavators, compact loaders, and telescopic handlers. They allow you to drive in stakes of various dimensions and adapt to your different worksites.

RABAUD grader blade : versatile ally for your excavation projects

The RABAUD grader blade offers exceptional versatility with its different width and length options. Whether you need to level rough terrain, prepare a site before construction, or refine the finish of a road, this blade is designed to meet your needs efficiently.

Simplified curb installation: mechanized precision for perfect finishes

Simplify curb installation with our range of mechanized curb laying and gripping tools. This innovative solution allows you to quickly and precisely position concrete curbs, ensuring impeccable finishes for all your outdoor development projects. The secure handling of the gripper ensures perfect alignment, thereby reducing work time on your worksites. Choose efficiency and aesthetics with our system, suitable for various applications, from landscaping projects to road improvements.

RABAUD hydraulic augers for all your construction needs

Finally, our TRH and TMR hydraulic augers are the perfect tools for your foundation, planting, and drilling works. Whether you need to dig holes for foundations, fences, etc., our augers offer exceptional power and robustness.

At RABAUD, we are proud to offer a complete range of high-quality equipment for construction professionals. Whatever your needs, we have the solution that suits you.


1 - 20 equipment out of 52

Aligning / collecting sweeper : MULTINET

With its 2-in-1 function ( lining or collecting ), this front-mounted sweeper is ideal for sweeping roads, streets, communities, public works, construction sites, farmyards, storage areas...

Aligning sweeper : PROCHAMPION

Designed for intensive sweeping using the tractor's front 3-point linkage. The sweeper is ideal for cleaning roads and construction sites.

Aligning sweeper : SUPERCHAMPION

This robust sweeper is adaptable on rear 3-point tractor linkage, perfect for sweeping farm yards, cattle buildings, roads, collectivities, public works, ...

Aligning sweeper : SUPERNET

Sweeper for tractor or compact loader ideal for private use for sweeping cattle buildings, farmyards, roads…

Aligning sweeper : TOWED 2 BROOMS

Towed road sweeper with two brushes. This double sweeper reduces the number of passes required for sweeping after gravel removal.

Aligning sweeper on excavator : ASTRANET

Sweeper adaptable on your excavator. For sweeping roads, construction sites...

Aligning sweeper on forklift : SUPERNET INDUS

Rotating sweeper adaptable on forklift, telescopic... This sweeper pushes all types of waste in industry (wood, paper, materials, glass...), roads, construction sites.

Aligning sweeper on SETRA plate : SETRANET

Front sweeper adaptable on SETRA plate. Ideal for adaptation on the front of a utility vehicle.

Collecting sweeper : TURBONET

Ideal sweeper for the collection of waste on roads, in communities, public works, cattle buildings... This sweeper can be adapted on tractors, telescopics handlers, backhoe loaders, front loaders.

Collecting sweeper : URBANET

Collecting sweeper adaptable on small tractors and with lifting arm to empty your waste into a trailer. For the maintenance of your municipality, city…

Collecting sweeper on forklift : TURBONET AUTONOME

Industrial sweeper that does not need any hydraulic connection to your forklift. Ideal for sweeping warehouses, car parks, industrial parks…

Concrete mixer bowl : BAV

The concrete mixing bucket is adaptable on telescopic handlers or tractors. This mixer can be used to make all types of mixes for concrete or cattle feed.

Concrete mixing bucket for excavator : TURBOMIX 117 GB

Concrete mixing bucket with unmatched mixing speed and quality, adaptable to mini-excavators from 2.5 to 8 tons. Ideal for your challenging construction sites with limited access.

Concrete mixing buckets with hydraulic grid : TURBOMIX GH

Concrete mixing bucket with blades. Ideal for intensive work with concrete, gravel, mortar... The blades allow a fast, homogeneous mixing and are adapted for products with low water content.

Forestry mulching heads for 15-20 T excavators with fixed hammers

Forestry mulching heads on fixed hammer shovels for all types of maintenance work up to 25 cm in diameter.

Forestry mulching heads for 2.5-12 T excavators with mobile hammers

The forestry mulcher for excavators is ideal for cleaning up vegetation, making firebreaks, etc.

Forestry mulching heads for 8-16 T excavators with 360° mobile hammers

Mulching heads with 360° mobile hammers on shovel. Designed for shredding grass, bushes and branches up to 14 cm in diameter.

Forestry mulching heads for 9-16 T excavators with fixed hammers

Forestry mulcher for excavators from 9 to 16 Tons. Ideal for your forest clearing or brush cutting work.

Forestry mulching heads with mobile hammers for skid steer

The Designed to mulch grass, bushes and branches between 5-6 cm diameter.
1 - 20 equipment out of 52
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