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Collecting sweeper : URBANET

Collecting sweeper adaptable on small tractors and with lifting arm to empty your waste into a trailer. For the maintenance of your municipality, city…

Suitable for local authorities, the URBANET trailed sweeper collector excels at sweeping and collecting waste from roads and public spaces.
Designed for use in town centres, it attaches directly to the lifting arms of a tractor or micro-tractor for better manoeuvrability, and thanks to its compact size, it passes easily over cycle paths or through alleyways. The sprinkler option is useful in urban environments to limit the spread of dust.
Versatile and efficient, the URBANET road sweeper can sweep gravel, sand and leaves, as well as larger items such as plastic bottles and cans, thanks to its patented collector broom system. Its mixed-fibre brush ensures optimum cleaning, without damaging markings or more delicate surfaces such as sports fields.
To help maintain gutters, roundabouts and street furniture, an optional side broom can be added for sweeping or even weeding, depending on the type of fibre chosen. The high-capacity grassbox rises to a height of 2.10 metres so that it can be emptied directly into a skip.
This high-performance tractor-mounted sweeper is the ideal equipment for municipalities looking to maintain their urban spaces. It can be used, for example, after using a HERBIONET weed brush to pick up weeds.
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RABAUD : Balayeuse URBANET 1500 G

RABAUD : présentation de la balayeuse de voirie : URBANET 1500 trainée


RABAUD - Essais de desherbage balayeuse URBANET

Main Features

  • NEW : Front brush to pick up all types of bulky waste (bottles, stones, plants, dust, etc.).
  • 1,50 m sweeping width.
  • Emptying height: 2.10 m thanks to the hydraulic lifting arm.
  • Designed for narrow streets, alleyways, cycle paths... in your town or city.
  • Mixed brush (polyester and polypropylene) Ø 600 mm. Adjustable in height depending on its wear.
  • 1000-litre grassbox (useful volume 600 litres) with fill control flap.
  • Ø 700 mm side brush in polyester, rilsan polyamide or flat steel for mechanical weeding (optional).
  • Gravity or pressure watering option with two 150 L water tanks.
  • ORGANIC oil Panolin® (hydraulic unit with) : 15 000 hours lifetime.
  • Tractor pump drive with 3-way dual acting valve (for sweeping, lifting and tipping) or optional 540 rpm PTO with 3-way dual acting.
  • 2 oversized rear wheels + 1 depth control wheel.
  • Hydraulic sweeper up and down to switch between transport to sweeping position.
  • Suitable on low-power tractors (20 HP).

Technical characteristics

Brush length
Brush diameter
Brush fibre type
Collecting box capacity
Emptying height
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Weight (empty)
Ceramic pistons pump
Maximum pressure
1500 mm
600 mm
Mixed (polypropylene + polyester)
Total volume: 1000 L / Useful volume: 600 L
2,10 m
3,46 x 1,82 x 1,10 m
890 kg (without option) - 1200 kg (all options included)
25 to 40 l/min max.
200 bar
3-point rear (from 20 HP)
Adjustable drawbar with drawbar eye

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Balayeuse Ramasseuse Urbanet 1500-g - Trainee

Announcement : n° 22506
State : Very good state
Year : 2023
Guarantee : 12-months warranty
20190€ HT
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
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