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Aligning sweeper : SUPERNET 1200 A

Hydraulic sweeper that can be adapted on a micro tractor to clean your yards, driveways...

Easy to use and designed with simplicity, the SUPERNET 1200 A sweeper, adaptable to a micro-tractor, is perfectly suited for both professionals and individuals.
Mounted around a metal hub for great robustness, the brush of the SUPERNET 1200 A is made of polypropylene fibers perfectly suitable for maintaining smooth and delicate surfaces such as synthetic sports fields, pavements, wooden coatings, etc.
Its fixed orientation of 20° allows it to sweep to one side both gravel and lighter debris such as dust, chips, leaves, etc.
Its sweeping width of 1 meter or 1.20 meters is ideal for maintaining narrow yards and driveways.
The height of the brush above the ground is adjustable using a spacer by raising or lowering the swiveling control wheel. A simple device ensuring optimal sweeping while avoiding premature wear caused by a brush too close to the ground.
A equipment that combines both simplicity and robustness, this sweeper ensures optimal sweeping of green spaces or farmyards.
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On video : Aligning sweeper : SUPERNET 1200 A

RABAUD - Balayeuse aligneuse : SUPERNET 1200A

Main Features

  • Working width of 1.20 m.
  • Brush rings made out of polypropylene with long fibres for long-living brush: inner Ø 127mm / outer Ø 550mm
  • Hard-wearing brush thanks to the metal nave
  • The height of the brush can be adjusted by means of a spacer to compensate for wear.
  • Fixed 20° right-hand orientation.
  • Pneumatic control wheel swivels 360°.
  • Protected hydraulic motor.
  • 2 parking stands.

Technical characteristics

Brush length
Diameter (inner / outer)
Brush fibre type
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Oil flow
Oil flow recommended
1200 mm
127 mm / 550 mm
1,36 x 1,40 x 0,87 m
20° on the right
105 kg
N°0 and 1 3-point hitch with welded studs
Mini-tractor pump with 2 couplers
15 L/min. mini. - 60 L/min. max.
20 L/min
180 bar max.
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance