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Aligning sweeper : SUPERCHAMPION

This robust sweeper is adaptable on rear 3-point tractor linkage, perfect for sweeping farm yards, cattle buildings, roads, collectivities, public works, ...

Robust and versatile, the three-point hitch SUPERCHAMPION aligning sweeper, adaptable to the rear of a tractor, allows for sweeping farmyards, livestock buildings, roads, or even construction sites with large widths in a single pass.
Its mechanical orientation and offset (optional hydraulic) allow debris to be directed to one side or the other, sweeping beyond the tractor's profile, enabling precise work along edges, gutters, etc., without maneuvering. The engine, integrated into the brush hub, allows for optimal cleaning along walls without the risk of snagging.
Highly resistant, this tractor-mounted sweeper is effective on all types of surfaces, even with uneven terrain, thanks to its chassis designed from an ultra-sturdy structure, its oscillating hitch, and its puncture-proof wheels.
The brush, equipped with mixed or polyester fibers, as chosen, adapts to delicate surfaces as well as harder grounds such as asphalt or concrete.
Versatile, this sweeper has the feature of being scalable. It can adapt to high-flow tractors by adding a second hydraulic motor but also has many options such as a collection bin for agricultural use, a watering system, a side brush, making it a sweeper that adapts to all situations.
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Balayeuse agricole rabaud SUPERCHAMPION

Main Features

  • 2 sweeping widths, 2.10 or 2.40 m + side brush Ø 700 mm in option.
  • Mechanical offset and angling (hydraulic in option) to push away the trash on right or left.
  • One or two hydraulic motors : ideal for highflow tractor up to 120 L/min.
  • Hydraulic engine integrated in the metal hub of the brush to save room and for more protection.
  • Height-adjustable brush holder.
  • Brushes with long fibers Ø int. 178 mm / Ø ext. 600 mm.
  • Upgradeable thanks to 9 available options: collecting box, watering system, side brush, hydraulic offset and orientation...
  • Hitch with permanent oscillation to follow the road conformity.
  • 2 puncture-proof wheels (Ø 400 mm), swiveling at 360°

Technical characteristics

Brush length
Diameter (inner / outer)
Brush fibre type
Orientation( hydraulic in option)
Offset (hydraulic in option)
Collecting box capacity
(real/useful volume)
Watering unit capacity (option)
Number of nozzles
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Weight (without option)
Flow 1 hydraulic motor
Flow 2 hydraulic motor
2085 mm
178 mm / 600 mm
Mixed (polypropylene/ polyester) or Polyester
Mechanical rod angling 30° on the right / 30° on the left and in the axls
450 mm on the right / 450 mm on the left
315 L / 200 L
300 L (2 x 150 L)
8 sprays
2,49 x 2,24 x 1,10 m
451 kg
Rear 3-point linkage N°2 with removable pins
Tractor pump with 2 couplers or PTO 540 rpm, 40 L/min.
20 L/min. mini. - 60 L/min. max.
120 bar up to 200 bar maxi
2385 mm
178 mm / 600 mm
Mixed (polypropylene/ polyester) or Polyester
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance