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Aligning sweeper on excavator : ASTRANET

Sweeper adaptable on your excavator. For sweeping roads, construction sites...

An essential tool for maintaining roads, streets, and various networks, the excavator-mounted sweeper ASTRANET stands out due to its lack of wheels and its "FloatSweep" attachment. This feature allows it to follow the road's contours, filling in the uneven surfaces for a better sweeping result.
Ideal for sweeping on civil engineering sites, this front-mounted sweeper on the excavator comes in 2 models : the ASTRANET 1500 PE and the ASTRANET 2000 PE, suitable for excavators ranging from 4 to 12 tons and offering a sweeping width of 1.50 m or 2 m. The sweeper is hydraulically driven, located in the metal hub of the brush for less clutter and more protection.
Its reinforced frame and mixed fiber brush (polyester + polypropylene) make it possible to carry out intensive work and ensure great durability.
For more versatility and optimal sweeping, there is an optional watering feature to reduce dust and ensure quality cleaning.
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RABAUD - Balayeuse sur pelle ASTRANET

Main Features

  • Adaptation on excavators 4 up to 12 Tons.
  • 2 models for sweeping widths of 1.50 m or 2 m. Ideal for sweeping on public works sites.
  • Sweeper equipped with coupling “FloatSweep” to follow road form.
  • Robust frame for intensive work.
  • Hydraulic motor for high flow up to 120 L/min.
  • Inserted hydraulic motors in the metal brush hub for compact transport size and for engine protection.
  • Mixed brush Ø 600 mm (polyester + polypropylene).
  • 2 parking stands.
  • Watering in option with 2 tanks of 150 L each.

Technical characteristics

Brush length
Diameter (inner / outer)
Brush fibre
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Weight (without linkage)
Flow 1 hydraulic motor
Maximum pressure
Excavator 4 up to 12 Tons
1500 mm
178 / 600 mm
Mixed (Polypropylene/polyester)
1,03 x 1,64 x 1,08 m
310 kg with tanks
25 L/min. mini. - 120 L/min. max.
250 bar
Excavator 4 up to 12 Tons
2000 mm
178 / 600 mm
Mixed (Polypropylene/polyester)
1,03 x 2,13 x 1,08 m
350 kg with tanks
25 L/min. mini. - 120 L/min. max.
250 bar
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance