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Hydraulic sorting grabs : R-GRIP

An ideal handling tool for riprap, recycling, sorting and small-scale demolition work.

Discover our rock and sorting grabs, versatile tools designed to meet your handling needs for rock works, recycling, sorting, and small demolition tasks. With two models suitable for excavators from 1.5 to 5 tons, our range offers a solution for various applications.
Featuring a large opening of up to 1215 mm, our grabs facilitate the handling of bulky loads, ensuring productivity on the construction site. Thanks to the rotator allowing infinite rotation, you benefit from precise handling of loads in all directions, thus improving your efficiency and safety.
RABAUD sorting grabs are equipped with perforated shells that limit debris loss while allowing the passage of water or dust, making them ideal for sorting activities. Reversible and interchangeable blades ensure increased durability, while the hydraulic cylinder protected in the HARDOX steel frame ensures optimal robustness and reliability, even during intensive work.
The synchronized closure of the jaws ensures a secure and uniform grip on materials. Optionally, our grabs can be equipped with bolted side walls or an edge clamp for optimized handling of various materials. Trust RABAUD rock grabs for all your construction sites.
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On video : Hydraulic sorting grabs : R-GRIP

RABAUD : Pinces de tri R-GRIP

Main Features

  • 2 models suitable to excavators from 1.5 to 5 tons.
  • Wide opening up to 1215 mm for easy handling of bulky loads.
  • 360° degrees roation thanks to the rotator for precise handling easy.
  • Openwork clamps avoiding loss of debris unlike bars allowing water and dust to pass through. Ideal for sorting activities.
  • Reversible, interchangeable blades.
  • HARDOX steel clamp.
  • Hydraulic cylinder protected in the frame for intensive work.
  • Synchronised clamp closing.
  • Optional bolt-on side panels or edge clamp for optimum handling of all kinds of materials (earth, rocks, wood, kerbs...).

Technical characteristics

Maximum opening
Clamp width
Cylinder clamping force at 200 bar
Clamps cylinder flow recommended
Rotator flow recommended
Cylinder pressure max.
Rotator pressure max.
Dimensions without rotator (L x W x H)
Weight without rotator
Weight with rotator
R-GRIP 15/25
Mini excavator 1,5 to 3 Tons
810 mm
420 mm
3927 daN
25 l/min
22 l/min
220 bar
220 bar
480 x 420 x 540 mm
95 kg
118 kg
R-GRIP 25/45
Mini excavator 3 to 5 Tons
1215 mm
480 mm
10053 daN
35 l/min
30 L/min
240 bar
240 bar
680 x 480 x 765 mm
225 kg
258 kg
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance