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Vibrating post driver on road trailer : VIBRESCOPIC 15-35 M

The autonomous pile driver in operation!

RABAUD expands its range of post drivers with an innovative model mounted on a road trailer. This post driver, powered by a 22 HP HONDA petrol engine, offers complete autonomy on the construction site, without the need for a tractor or mini-excavator. The entire unit can be towed by a utility vehicle, quad bike, micro-tractor, making post driving accessible to everyone.
The equipment weighs less than 750 kg and is thus towable with a standard B driver's license.
This product is of real interest to rental agencies, landscaping professionals, fence installers, farmers, or agricultural cooperatives (CUMA).
The VIBRESCOPIC 15/35 M is highly fuel-efficient. Instead of using a tractor with over 100 HP or a mini-excavator to power it, the 22 HP HONDA petrol engine is sufficient for operation with lower fuel consumption.
Its articulated and 360° swiveling arm allows working from both sides or even in-line. The hammer laterally extends 0.70 m beyond the roadworthy dimensions.
All movements (hammer up/down, rotation, lateral extension, tilt) are remotely controlled by a radio remote control.
Mechanizing the post-driving process helps preserve the health and safety of workers compared to manually performing this task.
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On video : Vibrating post driver on road trailer : VIBRESCOPIC 15-35 M

RABAUD : Enfonce-pieux VIBRESCOPIC 15-35 M

Main Features

  • Post driver mounted on road trailer 130 km/h.
  • Trailer weighs less than 750 kg. Conventional driving licence is required for moving.
  • Driven by heat engine HONDA 22 HP.
  • Post driver mounted on a 360° tool post, for side working.
  • Telescopic arm enabling to drive posts up to 2,80 m and an lateral offset of 0,70 m.
  • Percussion hammer mounted on a mast with anti-wear ertalon guides. The hammer is lowered by means of a cylinder to guide the post as it is driven into the ground, while exerting a supporting force by striking.
  • Strongly-built Ø 150 mm striking head, wrought iron finished and processed.
    Slightly concave strinking head to recenter the pile without damaging it during driving.
  • The hydraulic movement (rotation, offset, tilt and up/down of the striking head) are executed by radio-control.
  • Automatic adjustment of tilting mast.
  • Fully foldable machine for transport.
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance