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Post peeler

For the preparation of stakes, round and split posts of all varieties: chestnut, acacia, oak... Choose a RABAUD post peeler!
Post peelers, or peeling machines, are used to remove the bark from stakes. Whether you are in the post industry, landscaping, or agriculture, a post peeling machine can be an extremely useful tool. Bark helps protect the wood against insects and fungi, but it can also retain moisture, which can promote wood rot. By removing the bark, you can help prevent diseases and extend the life of the stakes.
Peeling a stake also gives it a smoother and more uniform appearance. This can be important if the stakes are visible and you want them to have a clean and neat look for fences.

We offer 2 models of post peelers adaptable to tractors or power units: the ROBOPEL 150, a manual post peeler, and the ROBOPEL 250, which is a semi-automatic peeling machine with the possibility of adjusting the wood feed speed.
The efficiency for these machines ranges from 60 to 120 stakes/hour. It is possible to peel wood with diameters ranging from 40 to 250 mm.
As standard, our models are equipped with a stake support, a protective grid, and a chip evacuation blower to load them into a trailer. It is possible to hydraulically adjust the peeling speed and pressure on the ROBOPEL 250 peeling machine. Thanks to the convex disc with 6 re-sharpenable knives, our post peelers are highly efficient.

When looking to buy a tractor post peeler, it is important to choose the machine that suits your annual production. The manual peeler can be a cost-effective option for small projects or for people who only need to peel a small number of stakes, while the semi-automatic peeler is more suitable for professionals.

To complement your post peeler, you can add a post pointer or a post splitter.

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Manual post peeler : ROBOPEL 150

Manual peeling machine for round or split wood of 150 mm diameter. Perfect for peeling posts, wood... All types of wood.

Semi-automatic post peeler : ROBOPEL 250

Semi-automatic post peeler for round timber up to 250 mm diameter. Peeling the posts increases their life span (prevents diseases).
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
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