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Compost spreader

Do you want to spread compost to fertilize your soils? Or spread shredded straw, sawdust chips... to combat water stress, runoff, and weed growth?
RABAUD offers a range of 2 models of spreaders for market gardening, vineyards, and arboriculture!

With a tank of 1000 or 3000 L depending on the model, their small size allows easier access between rows and respects existing vegetation: the FERTIDIS 1000 and the FERTIDIS 3000.
The FERTIDIS 1000 is a carried compost spreader (compact spreader) that fits the dimensions of a vineyard tractor. The FERTIDIS 3000, on the other hand, is a trailed compost spreader adaptable to larger tractors.

RABAUD straw spreaders offer 4 spreading modes :

  • the "FIELD" mode for very wide spreading,
  • the "FIELD" LOCALIZED mode that allows spreading on the lane,
  • the "DIRECTED" mode on 1 SIDE to spread on the chosen side,
  • the "DIRECTED" mode on 2 SIDES for simultaneous spreading on both sides in vineyards or arboriculture.

Compost spreaders are essential equipment for farmers, vine growers, and orchardists: they allow for the even distribution of compost on crops. Among the most well-known manufacturers in this field, RABAUD stands out for the quality and performance of its compost spreaders. RABAUD straw spreaders are designed to meet the needs of professionals. They are robust, reliable, and easy to use. Components are carefully selected to withstand the most challenging conditions and ensure reliable and safe use. RABAUD products are manufactured in France, following a quality and environmentally friendly approach.

The models offered by RABAUD are suitable for all types of compost, whether it be organic compost, manure, or straw. Thanks to their distribution system, RABAUD compost spreaders allow for homogeneous and precise distribution of compost over a large surface area.
The FERTIDIS 3000 model is equipped with wheels and a drawbar that allows easy movement on all types of terrains.

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 1000

Compost spreaders, chopped straw, shavings/sawdust for vegetable growing, vineyards and arboriculture.

Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 3000

Trailed compost spreader, chopped straw, chips/sawdust...
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
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