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Weeding brushes

Solutions for mechanical weed control with a brush hydraulically driven by an excavator, tractor, or hedge cutter arm. These solutions allow for weed elimination without resorting to the use of pesticides during your site cleaning operations, paving, asphalt, border joints, and gutters.

When the rotary brush is activated, it drives the bristles of the flat steel or twisted brush. Upon contact with the ground, the brushes will uproot or scalp the weeds from the soil. Different models of brushes are available to adapt to various worksites, ranging from 500 to 1200 mm in diameter. It is possible to quickly change the brush to adapt to different types of worksites.

We have developed brushes that can be adapted to tractors, excavators, or hedge cutters. Our range of weed brushes is designed for professionals who want to weed in an ecological way, without resorting to chemical products. The HERBIONET-T mechanical weed brush is adaptable to the front or rear of your tractor, making it ideal for weeding public roads. The HERBIONET PE is adaptable to excavators weighing 4 to 12 tons, allowing access to the most difficult areas. The HERBIONET BE is adaptable to a hedge cutter arm, enabling the treatment of long road sections, roundabouts, or islands.

Mechanizing weed control has positive advantages for the environment and aesthetics, but it also reduces the labor intensity for operators through the mechanization of these operations.

Each tool requires adjustment according to its situation. The range is broad, so you can contact our sales department to assess the tool that suits your needs.

1 - 3 equipment out of 3

Weeding brush on arm mower : HERBIONET BE

This HERBIONET weeding brush can be mounted on the arm of a mower/hydraulic arm. Ideal for weeding under slides, concrete drains, bridges...

Weeding brush on excavator : HERBIONET PE

This mechanical weeding brush is designed to be fitted on excavators from 4 to 12 tons. Ideal for weeding even in inaccessible areas.

Weeding brush on tractor : HERBIONET T

The HERBIONET mechanical weeding brush fits on the front or rear 3-point linkage of the tractor. Ideal for weeding in municipalities with respect of the environment.
1 - 3 equipment out of 3
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