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Trafic signs cleaning machine

Versatile, the road marking washer VISIONCLEAN enables various maintenance tasks such as washing delineators, road signs, bollards, beacons, structures, or safety barriers.
Adaptable to all hedge-cutter arms, it is the ideal solution for local authorities and allows optimizing the carrier's arm during off-peak periods. Its adaptation provides great working ergonomics for the operator, allowing a controlled and precise approach to road signs thanks to the single lever on the hedge-cutter arm.
Whether at height or in more complex access areas, the panel washing machine allows optimal and complete work to maintain visibility and ensure the safety of road users.
Its two brushes are made of specific fibers to avoid damaging the reflective surface of the signs. They rotate on themselves while being sprayed with water.
This mechanical signage cleaning device does not require any chemicals or degreasers, an opportunity to reduce its impact on the environment!
To enable effective cleaning and adapt to all types of signage or urban furniture, the road marking washing equipment offers adjustable brush spacing and a ¼ turn rotation axis for both brushes, allowing work from all angles.
The washing can be done by a single person, without agents on the road. The operator is safely located in the cabin.

1 - 1 equipment out of 1

Trafic signs cleaning machine : VISIONCLEAN

Washing brush to be adapted on mower arm for the cleaning of panels, delineators, structures and urban furniture.
1 - 1 equipment out of 1
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
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