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Timber shear grabs

The RABAUD cutting grapple can be mounted on either an excavator or a telescopic handler, depending on the model. It allows for safe cutting of wood or pruning trees along roadsides, paths, power lines, railway tracks, and more.

The range of cutting grapples combines the functions of a grapple (thanks to the 2 claws) and a cutter (thanks to its knife guided by the lower claw). This cutting head is suitable for forest work, including felling, gathering, loading, whether it involves trees, bushes, or hardwood. This equipment enables the mechanization of branch cutting and pruning safely and with only one person. Ideal for hardwood.

If you are working with a telescopic handler, the cutting grapple on the XYLOCUT 300 telescopic handler is the tool you need. The operating principle is straightforward: the operator grasps the wood or bundle of wood to be cut (up to 300 mm) with the claws. Then, they activate the knife mounted on a mobile system: the cut is clean and effortless. The upper claws ensure a good grip on the tree after cutting and during wood transport.
To prevent any risk of mishandling and thus equipment damage, the knife trigger is linked to the closure of the lower claw. This cutting grapple can cut wood up to 300 mm in diameter. Its cutting power of 20 tons makes it an ideal tool for hardwood.
Additionally, the hydraulic tilt from -18° to +85°, depending on the cylinder, facilitates the tool manipulation for precise and effortless cutting.

Do you have a hydraulic excavator? No problem! The XYLOCUT 310 PE cutting grapple is designed for you: adaptable to an excavator of 13 to 17 tons, this cutting grapple can cut wood up to 310 mm in diameter. The cutting power is 36 tons at 270 bars and 45 tons at 350 bars, which is ideal for hardwood. To facilitate the use of the XYLOCUT 310 PE, various options are available, such as hydraulic tilting, allowing for a 180° range. This option is recommended, if not necessary, for pruning work.
The other option is the accumulator clamp, ideal for optimizing movements during the cutting of small-diameter wood.

In conclusion, a hydraulic cutting grapple proves to be very effective in the mechanization of wood cutting for energy wood processing, maintenance of road and railway edges, thinning in forests...

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Timber shear grab for excavator : XYLOCUT PE

Timber shear grab for excavator: XYLOCUT 310 PE, ideal for roadside maintenance, forest thinning, pruning...

Timber shear grab for telescopic : XYLOCUT

The timber shear grab on telescopic handlers: XYLOCUT 300 allows the mechanisation of branches cutting and pruning in total safety and with only one person.
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
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