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Kerbstone edging layers

Whether it's a simple border-setting clamp or a complete border-setting machine, these tools are the solution to facilitate border installation and meet all your needs. Whether you are looking for a mechanical or hydraulic method, a solution for heavy or light borders, RABAUD has what you need to work efficiently and safely.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about these tools; we will assist you in determining which one will best meet your needs. The mechanical border clamp PM 500-900 is a versatile tool that easily adapts to the arm of your lifting equipment. This mechanical working method is ideal for public works companies (ETP), roads and various networks (VRD), as well as for landscapers. With this mechanical border clamp, you can easily grip, move, and set borders safely and efficiently. 
If you're looking for a more advanced solution, the hydraulic border clamp PINCEMATIC is an excellent choice. This hydraulic border clamp can be adapted to the arm of your mini-excavator, backhoe, or truck crane. It is ideal for gripping, turning, and setting your borders from your driving seat. The PINCEMATIC is easy to use and allows you to work more efficiently.

The hydraulic border-setting machine BORDURMATIC is a cable lifting tool that greatly facilitates border installation. This border-setting machine accepts all types of borders, whether concrete or granite, ranging from 0.80 m to 1.40 m in length. The palette of borders is transported directly on the fork, allowing for a considerable time saving. With the BORDURMATIC, you can work faster and more efficiently.
Finally, if you're looking for a lighter and easier-to-handle solution, the POSEBORD'AIR is the ideal choice. This border-setting machine operates by air suction through various suction cups adapted to different types of borders (T2, T3, CS1, CS2, CS3). Its double-jointed arm allows you to handle and position the border with great precision. Border installation is quick, precise, and effortless. It is adaptable to all types of hydraulic equipment with fixed forks: telescopic handlers, forklifts, loaders...

1 - 4 equipment out of 4

Hydraulic grips : PINCEMATIC

Hydraulic edging grip to fit on the arm of your mini-excavator, backhoe loader or truck crane. Ideal for clamping, turning and laying kerbstones from the driver's seat.

Hydraulic kerbstones edging layer : BORDURMATIC

Edging layer with hydraulic cable winch. This kerbstone edging machine accepts all kerbs: concrete, granite... Up to 1.40 m. The pallet of kerbstones is transported directly on the fork.

Kerbstones edging layer with vacuum : POSE BORD'AIR

Air kerbstone edging layer suitable for use on forks. It works by air suction thanks to the different suction cups according to the type of kerb : T2 - T3 - CS1 - CS2 - CS3. The installation of kerbs is fast, precise and effortless.

Mechanical edging grip : PM

Mechanical edging grip to fit on the arm of your lifting equipment. Ideal mechanical working method for civil engineering, civil engineering, landscapers...
1 - 4 equipment out of 4
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