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Concrete mixing buckets

The concrete mixing bucket is an attachment that fits onto your carrier already present at the construction site. It saves masons from preparing concrete in advance and then transporting it to the site to increase efficiency.
The use of a mixing bucket allows for the controlled delivery of concrete to the right place, minimizing handling and enhancing safety.

RABAUD concrete buckets are not equipped with spirals but with quickly interchangeable anti-abrasion steel blades for low maintenance costs!
The main advantage of the blades is that they allow for homogeneous and rapid mixing of materials, ensuring consistent concrete quality. The blades enable the mixing of all aggregates and with different moisture levels: dry for cement gravels, STABEX, VICALPES... or wet for mortars and concrete screeds.

RABAUD concrete mixers are available in different sizes to meet all production requirements and match your carrier: telescopic handler, loader, mini-excavator... With a range comprising more than 10 different models, with a mixing capacity from 100 to 1100 liters. The volume should be chosen based on the maximum load the machine can carry. We offer concrete buckets with bolted or hydraulic grid.

Their simple design allows for quick and easy cleaning after each use.

One of the main advantages of a TURBOMIX blade mixer bucket lies in its versatility.

1 - 3 equipment out of 3

Concrete mixing bucket for excavator : TURBOMIX 117 GB

Concrete mixing bucket with unmatched mixing speed and quality, adaptable to mini-excavators from 2.5 to 8 tons. Ideal for your challenging construction sites with limited access.

Concrete mixing buckets with hydraulic grid : TURBOMIX GH

Concrete mixing bucket with blades. Ideal for intensive work with concrete, gravel, mortar... The blades allow a fast, homogeneous mixing and are adapted for products with low water content.

Mixing paddle buckets with bolt-on grid: TURBOMIX GB

Concrete mixing bucket with blades and bolted grid. The bucket allows for dry mixes for cement gravels or wet mixes for mortars and concrete screeds to be poured.
1 - 3 equipment out of 3
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