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Wood chippers / shredders

Discover a wide range of wood chippers at RABAUD. Known as wood and plant chippers, or simply chippers, they are essential for gardening enthusiasts, communities, and landscaping professionals to reduce the volume of plant waste, allowing you to create compost or mulch.

A wood and plant chipper is a piece of equipment that shreds branches, leaves, and other garden waste into chips to minimize the volume of these wastes, avoiding the need to dispose of them in a landfill by reusing them as mulch, compost, or wood chips. The application areas are diverse: gardening and park maintenance, agriculture, green spaces, landscaping, tree climbers, and more. To choose your chipper, you need to select a cutting system (hammers, flails, or knives). To make your task easier, RABAUD offers a 5in1 ROTOR on these chippers, allowing you to switch from one mode to another with the same machine.

Our wood chippers are designed to meet all your needs. Thanks to their robust design and high power, you can easily chip branches up to 20 cm in diameter. Our wood chipping machines are available in different models to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly solution, opt for our electric chipper, which operates quietly and without exhaust emissions. If you need a more mobile solution, our thermal chipper is the perfect answer. For tractor users, you have the choice of 3 models with power take-off drive. There are also tracked versions for very rugged terrain, significant slopes, and inclines.

By choosing a RABAUD wood chipper, you also benefit from a reliable product with French quality, designed for professionals for intensive and safe use. Moreover, our machines are designed to be easily maintained with spare parts available in stock and our responsive and efficient after-sales service. We also aim to offer machines that are easy to use and maintain, especially for rental purposes.

1 - 10 equipment out of 10

Electric wood chipper : VEGETOR 160E

Electric wood chipper / shredder powered by 48V lithium-ion batteries. Zero CO2 emissions during your chipping.

Garden chippers : VEGETOR 80

Forestry mulchers for skid steer loaders. Designed to mulch grass, bushes and branches between 5-6 cm diameter.

Wood chipper / shredder on road trailer : VEGETOR 110M

Wood chipper / shredder on a road trailer, driven by a 19 or 22 HP heat engine.

Wood chipper / shredder on tracks VEGETOR 110C

The VEGETOR 110 C track-mounted wood chipper / shredder is designed to handle all types of terrain or inaccessible work sites. Ideal for landscapers, rental companies, private users…

Wood chipper / shredder self propelled : VEGETOR 110DA

The self-propelled chipper VEGETOR 110 DA goes everywhere. Ideal for landscapers, rental businesses, individuals...

Wood chipper on tractor : VEGETOR 160 T

Wood chippers / shredders suitable on tractors from 35 to 50 HP, these chippers shred all types of wood and vegetables for all types of applications.

Wood chipper on tractor : VEGETOR 200 T

Wood chippers / shredders suitable on tractors up to 150 HP, powerful shredders for all types of wood and vegetation.

Wood chippers / shredders mounted on road trailer : VEGETOR 160M more than 750 kg

VEGETOR 160 M wood chipper on a road chassis is equipped with a 42 HP DOOSAN D18 Stage V engine - Warranty up to 5 years or 5000 hours.

Wood chippers / shredders on road trailer : VEGETOR 160M less than 750 kg

The VEGETOR 160 M wood chippers / shredders on road trailer driven by an engine are perfect for landscapers, rental companies, private users... These 5-in-1 chippers are the right choice!

Wood chippers on tractor/on hydraulic forwarder : VEGETOR 110 T et H

Wood chipper / shredder adaptable on small tractors from 15 to 35 HP. Chops all types of wood, for all types of jobs!
1 - 10 equipment out of 10
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
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