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Wire netting unwinding machine

If you want to install wire mesh for a fence, using the CLOTURMATIC GRX wire unrolling machine is ideal to simplify the process of fencing enclosures, parks, hunting grounds, properties, zoos, and securing road edges...

Adaptable to tractors, it allows for the installation of tied, welded, multi-twist fences up to 2.50 meters in height. With the option to unroll 1 or 2 rows of barbed wire above the mesh. It can be used on different types of terrain and is well-suited for large areas to be fenced. To attach the barbed wire or fence post, you can add a pneumatic stapler with stainless steel or galvanized staples with a compressor.

On the other hand, if you don't have a tractor or are looking for a more versatile solution, the wire unroller also exists in a version adaptable to an excavator, the CLOTURMATIC GRX PE. This wire unroller can be used to unroll mesh in hard-to-reach places or on uneven terrain. It is also useful for small areas to be fenced or for tasks that require great precision.

Your wire mesh will always be perfectly tensioned thanks to the hydraulic mesh tensioning system controlled by the operator from the driver's seat. It will also remain clean as it is unrolled and laid in a vertical position.

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Wire netting unwinding machine : CLOTURMATIC GRX

Wire netting unwinding machine for any sort of wire netting (knotted, welded and multitwisted) up to 2.50m. Ideal for fencing the road sides, demarcating properties…

Wire netting unwinding machine on excavator : CLOTURMATIC GRX PE

Wire netting unwinding machine to fit on your mini-excavator. Ideal for securing roadsides, delimiting properties, creating animal parks...
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
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