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Vacuum cleaners

The fallen autumn leaves on the road can clog drains and be dangerous when they make the ground slippery. At RABAUD, we offer a range of leaf vacuums suitable for municipalities.
Adaptable to the tailgate of your dump truck or towed on a road chassis, you have the choice!
The tailgate vacuum is a model that allows for quick adaptation by a single person thanks to an integrated hydraulic lifting transport cart. You can save time and increase efficiency during your cleaning operations. If you prefer a towed model, there are two leaf vacuum models on a road chassis with a 14 HP or 22 HP gasoline engine, with electric start by battery. With these options, you can choose the power that best suits your specific needs.
The leaf blowers in the WINDY range are all equipped with a 5 m long suction hose. To easily handle these hoses, there is a sleeve on a swiveling arm and an aluminum handling handle with a grounding wheel.

As for the suction rotor, it is offset to prevent leaves from clogging in the rotor axis and causing blockages. This rotor consists of 6 easily removable blades, making it easier to maintain and clean. The large-diameter volute ensures optimal air flow and is guaranteed for 5 years.
Choosing a RABAUD leaf vacuum is suitable for municipalities wanting an efficient tool for maintaining their green spaces, streets, and giving a clean appearance to your community. The various options offered allow you to choose the configuration that best suits your specific needs, for impeccable results and increased efficiency.
Our models are easy to use, effective in preventing clogs, and designed for user safety. They can be easily towed without the need for a special license.
Designed to pick up leaves with a strong suction force, our leaf vacuums are appreciated for their reliability. It is the ideal tool for green space professionals or rental services. Contact us to determine the ideal leaf vacuum with us!

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Loader leaf vacuum for side panels : WINDY RE

Professional vacuum cleaner adaptable on the side panel of your truck, this vacuum cleaner is made for intensive maintenance work in communities, contractors, landscapers, parks, roads…

Loader leaf vacuums on road trailer : WINDY ME

Leaf vacuum mounted on a road trailer. These leaf vacuums are ideal for municipalities, service providers... Facing large volumes of leaves.
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
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