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Stump grinders

In most cases, tree stumps are unsightly and can pose a danger to lawnmowers and other machinery. Stump grinding helps avoid the accumulation of unhealthy fungi and weeds and also gives you the opportunity to replant another vegetation.

Stump grinding offers a significant advantage by avoiding the use of large mechanical equipment to uproot stumps, which could cause damage to your property. At RABAUD, we specialize in the sale of stump grinders for professionals. We offer a range of products, including tracked stump grinders, excavator-mounted stump grinders, and tractor-mounted stump grinders to meet all our customers' needs.

Our tracked stump grinders XYLOCROCK 49 C and XYLOCROCK 49 C+ are powerful and versatile machines suitable for a wide variety of terrains. Equipped with tracks, these machines provide great stability and increased maneuverability for precise and efficient work. Tracked stump grinders are perfect for clearing, construction, and landscaping on rugged terrain.
Excavator-mounted stump grinders XYLOCROCK PE are also highly efficient and come with powerful teeth to grind the toughest stumps and roots. Excavators also allow easy access to the most challenging areas. Tractor-mounted stump grinders are robust and user-friendly machines suitable for large clearing and landscaping projects. These powerful machines can be attached to the rear of a tractor, offering significant power to quickly and efficiently cut stumps and roots. Our tractor-mounted stump grinder XYLOCROCK T has a large working range for increased autonomy.

We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you find the hydraulic stump grinder or the thermic stump grinder that best suits your needs.

1 - 3 equipment out of 3

Stump grinder for excavator XYLOCROK PE

Stump grinder suitable on excavator from 2.5 to 8 Tons.

Stump grinder for tractor : XYLOCROK T

Perfect for trimming stumps with a 45 to 90 HP tractor.

Stump grinder on track : XYLOCROK C

The tracked stumpgrinder is ultra-compact, allowing you to trim stumps independently & in inaccessible areas.
1 - 3 equipment out of 3
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