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Hedge cutting machine

Versatile, the highway hedge trimmer COBRAS on a hedge-cutter arm allows, in a single operation, cutting and shredding hedges, vacuuming the waste before evacuating them into a trailer towed behind the tractor.
A disc trimmer with multiple functions controlled by a single operator safely seated in their tractor. No more manual collection of vegetation on central reserves requiring the mobilization of several agents.
To facilitate and secure these operations, the vacuum trimmer has been designed to cut vegetation up to 35 mm in diameter.
Two vertical drums mounted on two discs with reverse rotation teeth cut the vegetation like pruning shears with a clean and residue-free cut. Thanks to the rotation of the discs, the vegetation is sent to a rotor to be shredded and propelled into a recovery pipe. An operation guaranteed without projection for the operator. A self-aligning blower completes the job by propelling the waste into a towed trailer.
The disc hedge trimmer allows for vertical or horizontal cutting for a clean and aesthetic result.
This road trimming tool allows for quality work and increased efficiency. It is the ideal tool for safety and optimizing the trimming of embankments or other wooded areas.

1 - 1 equipment out of 1

Hedge cutter : COBRAS

Cut, mulch and vacuum: hedge maintenance in complete autonomy and safety thanks to the hedge cutting machine : COBRAS 1400.
1 - 1 equipment out of 1
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Original parts available for 10 years !
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