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Wood processors

A combined wood saw and splitter is a versatile equipment used for firewood production.
OAn essential production tool for firewood professionals, the wood saw combination allows for cutting logs to length, splitting them into several pieces, and loading them in a single operation. This improves productivity and profitability.
The operating principle of a wood combination is simple: Logs and billets are fed into the combination using the feed conveyor. The wood is then directed towards the carbide saw blade or the chainsaw guide bar, which cuts them into sections of the desired length. The cut billets then fall into a splitting channel equipped with a 2/4/6/8 or 16-way splitting wedge to split the logs into different pieces. The split log pieces are then evacuated by an evacuation conveyor.
Depending on the models, the log cutting length can be adjustable up to 500 mm, and the diameter up to 800 mm. For optimal wood feeding to your forestry combination, we offer various loading trays with conveyor rollers: notched roller, standard deck, and chain deck of 3 or 5 m.

Wood combinations are also known as wood cutters, saw splitter combinations, combined cutter splitters, and splitter combinations. In summary, wood production combinations are versatile equipment that allows firewood professionals to produce wood quickly and efficiently. Professional wood combinations are a cost-effective investment for any entrepreneur or forest landowner looking to increase firewood production efficiently and economically.

Who buys a wood combination? Our customers are firewood professionals, agricultural machinery cooperatives (CUMA), etc. Our professional wood combinations are designed for all types of wood. Made in France, they are suitable for oak, ash, acacia, softwoods, or hardwoods.
The strength of the French manufacturer RABAUD is also the ability to respond to all the challenges and needs you may encounter on a daily basis. That's why RABAUD customizes the wood combination machine according to your request and work habits.
As an option, our saw splitters can be equipped with the XYLOMETER® automatic wood measuring system. Equipped with a configurable control screen and a laser, it allows you to know the quantity of wood that has been produced. Our splitter combinations can be equipped with the XYLAIR sawdust vacuum, which is ideal for valorizing your sawdust and keeping your workplace clean.

1 - 6 equipment out of 6

Firewood processor : XYLOG 410

Wood processors with Ø 1000 mm circular blade for logs up to 410 mm of diameter.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 420

Wood processor for firewood, accepting logs up to 420 mm in diameter. Robust and French design.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 520

Wood processor for professional and large-scale production of firewood. Accepts logs up to 600 mm in diameter

Firewood processor : XYLOG 600

Wood processor, accepting logs up to 600 mm in diameter. Versatile and comfortable, it allows the production of firewood and firelighters.

Firewood processor : XYLOG 800

Wood processor for the industrial production of firewood. With cross splitting. Wood diameter up to 800 mm.

Wood processor : Loading and transport trays

Loading decks with conveyors for optimal feeding of your wood processor.
1 - 6 equipment out of 6
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