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Log bundlers machine

Are you looking for a machine to bundle your wood and logs to easily create transportable firewood stacks? Discover RABAUD bundling machines!

Our bundlers offer the possibility to produce on the same machine bundles of 1 cubic meter for 1-meter logs or 1/2 cubic meter for 0.50-meter wood.
The stop ensures a perfect alignment of the logs. To choose your bundling machine according to your needs, RABAUD offers a simple model with mechanical bundling and a model with hydraulic bundling controlled from the driver's seat. The bundles are made with 10-strand cord with a strength of 1,200 kg.
The welded frame structure with a stop attests to the robustness of our firewood bundlers.
RABAUD's wood bundlers have a mechanical link tensioning system with ratchets for the FAGOMATIC BU version or hydraulic for the FAGOMATIC BU PRO model.

The log baler is a simple and effective solution to quickly achieve the volume of a cubic meter of wood. Your bundles will be neatly arranged and easy to store. The tensioning of the links ensures a well-compacted and easily manageable bundle with the help of a grapple or forks. You can also easily transport your firewood. The cubic meters are all the same size and can therefore be stacked more efficiently.
Your log bundler can be attached to the hitch of a RABAUD log splitter to transport both machines at the same time to the worksite.

How to tie a bundler knot? To easily tie a bundler knot, follow the steps outlined in the user manual: Unroll the link sufficiently along the cradle (about 3.50 m), tie a knot at the end of the link, make a turn around the first log to hold the link during tensioning, when the cradle is full, make a sliding knot, finish the sliding knot, hook the link to the tensioning system's lug, tension the link with the ratchet, cut the link, and make the final knot.

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Log bundling machine : FAGOMATIC BU

This bundling machine with its mechanical tipping is ideal for counting and store your logs. it will provides you with an accurate wood volume.

Log bundling machine : FAGOMATIC BU PRO

This bundling machine with its hydraulic tipping is ideal for counting and store your logs. it will provides you with an accurate wood volume.
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
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