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Kindling machines

You can also use our machines to produce small firewood for personal use or to sell to your customers.

The kindling production machine is the ideal choice for small forestry operations, craftsmen, and individuals who want to produce their own firewood. This machine has a splitting power of 5 tons and can handle woods up to 25 cm in diameter. Our kindling machines, also known as "fire starters," come in electric, thermal, or tractor versions. Thanks to its simple design without electrical sensors, this machine offers excellent quality and value.

Equipped with a cross-splitting system, our kindling machine accepts all wood species, whether soft or hardwood, and can process squared or round woods. You can also adjust the size of your kindling according to your preferences, ranging from 20 to 33 cm in length, with adjustable sections from 2 to 15 cm.

Bagging your wood is also very easy with our fire starter machines: you can use the rotating four-bag unit or bag the stacked wood to package your wood. You also have the option to use 20L or 40L bags according to your needs.

Since 1980, RABAUD has been a major player in the wood industry, offering quality work, a focus on customer satisfaction, and a sense of innovation. The complete control of the design, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, delivery processes allows RABAUD to offer high-quality French machines. All our spare parts are available for 10 years, providing peace of mind: any worn-out part can be easily replaced!

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Kindling machine : XYLOFLAM 200/250

The XYLOFLAM 200/250 is a machine for producing kindling sticks in nets of 20 or 40 litres. The machine accepts all types of wood.

Kindling machine : XYLOFLAM 330/450+

The kindling machine : XYLOFLAM 330/450+ produces kindling sticks with a cross-section of 20 mm to infinity.
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
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Original parts available for 10 years !
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