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Forestry cranes

A forestry crane enables the loading and unloading of wood as well as the skidding of timber in the forest. The forestry crane can be mounted on a 3-point tractor hitch or on one of our forestry trailers. 

The skidding crane is equipped with a telescopic arm, allowing it to reach loads quite far, up to 6.75 or 8 meters depending on the model. The RABAUD range consists of 3 models of forestry cranes, the XYLOGRUE.They are often used in conjunction with other forestry machines such as harvesters, delimbers, and forwarders.

The stabilizing legs, of the "flap down" or "butterfly" type, incorporate controlled valves and extra-wide feet, ensuring optimal stability on various terrains.
The crane's rotation is ensured by four cylinders, providing great flexibility in movements, with a focus on working comfort.
The lifting cylinders are protected, as is the cylinder of the second arm, which is connected by a parallelogram system, thus improving ergonomics and flexibility during operations.
For controls, you have the choice between a remote control, "reindeer horn" type distributors, or joystick levers.
Additionally, hydraulic hoses are integrated and protected within the beam, ensuring increased durability.

1 - 1 equipment out of 1

Forestry crane : XYLOGRUE

6.75 m or 8 m forestry crane for 3-point mounting on tractor or forestry trailer.
1 - 1 equipment out of 1
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