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Circular saw benches

RABAUD offers wood circular saws with the XYLOSCIE stand: thermal and electric circular saws, as well as various models of tractor-mounted circular saws.
Whether for domestic or professional use, RABAUD has different models of wood circular saws that can meet your needs in terms of power and performance. You can choose between 2 single-phase or three-phase electric versions, 2 thermal versions of 7 or 9.5 HP, or 3 tractor-driven versions starting from 10 HP.

Depending on the size of your projects and the nature of your work, there is certainly a RABAUD saw that perfectly suits your requirements. All the blades of RABAUD's stand-mounted wood circular saws are made of carbide steel. With alternate teeth for an initiation requiring little power and a clean cut, these blades ensure optimal cutting performance. Stand-mounted circular saws are particularly useful for cutting large-sized wood, as they allow for precision cutting of thicker logs.
Electric wood circular saws are often quieter than thermal circular saws, while thermal wood saws are more powerful and can be used in locations far from any power source. Forest circular saws allow you to saw large quantities of wood quickly and easily without too much physical effort.
Moreover, they are equipped with safety devices to ensure the user's safety. The saw is placed on a stand that securely holds the logs in place during cutting, reducing the risk of accidents. RABAUD circular log saws are easy to use and do not require special skills.

Firewood is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy that is increasingly being used by individuals to heat their homes. If you own a fireplace or a wood stove, you may have already used a saw to cut wood. However, using a hand saw can be tedious and tiring, especially if you need to cut a large quantity of wood. This is where the circular log saw on a stand comes into play. This practical and efficient machine can help you quickly and easily cut wood logs.

1 - 3 equipment out of 3

Circular saw benches electric with rocking stand XYLOSCIE EM / ET

With the XYLOSCIE circular saw bench, you can saw with peace of mind and with the comfort of electricity.

Circular saw benches heat engine with rocking stand XYLOSCIE M

Thermal wood saw benches. Ideal for renting and for autonomous sawing. Easily transportable circular saws.

Circular saw benches on tractor with rocking stand XYLOSCIE T

Thermal wood saw benches. Ideal for rental and for independent sawing, these circular saws are easily transportable.
1 - 3 equipment out of 3
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