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RABAUD offers the most comprehensive range of professional sweepers on the market!
In our catalog, you will find the sweeper that suits your needs: sweeping streets, farmyards, in a community, construction site exits, warehouse maintenance, public works, roadways, parking lots, DIY stores, sorting centers, factories, airports, and industrial areas...
and for sweeping all types of materials: gravel, soil, waste, glass, manure, debris, leaves...
The range is extensive and suitable for all types of carriers: tractor, telescopic handler, farm loader, loader, compact loader, forklift, on a SETRA plate, or towed behind a vehicle...

Depending on the models, our sweepers allow sweeping from 1 m to 4 m wide. Different brush fibers are available on RABAUD hydraulic sweepers: polypropylene fiber, which is flexible, is ideal for occasional maintenance sweeping on soil...
The mixed fiber (polypropylene + polyester) is suitable for concrete and asphalt surfaces...
Finally, the all-polyester fiber, a rigid and long-lasting fiber, is ideal for intensive road work.
On the side brushes, there are also steel fibers to weed and remove grass from the gutters.

Our brushes can be equipped with a collection bin for waste collection. Models without a bin will push the waste to the right or left of the shoulder.

There are many options on all our models: side brush, splash guard, collection bin, hydraulic orientation, hydraulic offset, electrohydraulic control, electromechanical hour meter, construction site signaling kit, lighting kit, jet or pressure watering, scraping blade, beacon, specific paint, UHV paint...
A sweeper can clean all types of surfaces. The bin allows for the collection of debris and dust in parking lots, warehouses, parks...

At RABAUD, you will find the hydraulic sweeper that suits your needs! A professional hydraulic sweeper is a cleaning equipment used to sweep and clean hard surfaces such as roads, parking lots, sidewalks, warehouses, factories, airports, and industrial areas.
These sweepers are manufactured in France, and all brushes are available for replacement when needed. If your brush is worn out, you can receive a new one within a few days.

1 - 7 equipment out of 7

Aligning / collecting sweeper : MULTINET

With its 2-in-1 function ( lining or collecting ), this front-mounted sweeper is ideal for sweeping roads, streets, communities, public works, construction sites, farmyards, storage areas...

Aligning sweeper : PROCHAMPION

Designed for intensive sweeping using the tractor's front 3-point linkage. The sweeper is ideal for cleaning roads and construction sites.

Aligning sweeper : SUPERCHAMPION

This robust sweeper is adaptable on rear 3-point tractor linkage, perfect for sweeping farm yards, cattle buildings, roads, collectivities, public works, ...

Aligning sweeper : SUPERNET

Sweeper for tractor or compact loader ideal for private use for sweeping cattle buildings, farmyards, roads…

Collecting sweeper : TURBONET

Ideal sweeper for the collection of waste on roads, in communities, public works, cattle buildings... This sweeper can be adapted on tractors, telescopics handlers, backhoe loaders, front loaders.

Collecting sweeper : URBANET

Collecting sweeper adaptable on small tractors and with lifting arm to empty your waste into a trailer. For the maintenance of your municipality, city…

Sweeping bucket : GB

The bucket sweeper has a double function : sweeper and handling bucket, allowing you to do handling and sweeping work in construction companies, hardware stores, waste disposal centres, industry, roads etc.
1 - 7 equipment out of 7
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
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