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Post pointers

For a fence or barrier securely implanted in the ground, it is important to facilitate the task by using well-crafted stakes at the tip, making them easy to drive into the ground.
At Rabaud, speed and efficiency are our priorities. That's why we offer a range of 4 stake sharpeners that accept round or split stakes of various wood varieties (chestnut, acacia, oak, pine, etc.).

Rabaud's stake sharpeners ensure safety at work and provide great ease of use with automatic knife activation when the stake is inserted into the machine. With these machines, you'll achieve consistent tips much faster than with a saw blade. They offer precision and speed in sharpening your stakes for a perfect result. You can adjust the sharpening angle and the section of the final tip based on the diameter of the stakes. The maximum diameter of the stakes to be sharpened is 185 to 350 mm, depending on the model.

The BIFACE and QUADRIFACE sharpeners allow sharpening 2 or 4 faces simultaneously with the knives, resulting in a yield of 120 to 500 stakes per hour, depending on the chosen model. Moreover, they are equipped with options such as bark evacuation conveyors, an hour meter, and storage chests, making daily work less tiring. Waste can be utilized, for example, for firewood.

To further increase efficiency and professionalize your equipment, it is possible to combine our BIFACE 185 sharpener with an automated sharpening chain. In our catalog, you can also find marking sharpeners.

The stake sharpener is the ideal solution to obtain regular and perfectly shaped stakes without effort or wasted time. The installation of fencing or fencing will be less arduous thanks to well-formed stakes that are easy to drive into the ground or any type of terrain. In short, the stake sharpener is an essential device for consistently and efficiently building a fence. At Rabaud, we are proud to offer quality French products with responsive customer service since 1980. We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and help you find the stake sharpener that best suits your needs.

1 - 3 equipment out of 3

Hydraulic post pointers : BIFACE / QUADRIFACE

Post pointers for agricultural use, supplying an output of 250 posts per hour. The posts are ready to be driven easily into the ground.

Mechanical post pointer : BIFACE 185

This post pointer is designed for professional. This machine can produce up to 500 posts per hour, thanks to its design: the mechanical system provides fast movement.

Post pointing line

Pile alignment chain, for increased production of your stakes
1 - 3 equipment out of 3
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