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Barbed wire unwinding machine

An essential solution to facilitate your fencing work, the tractor-mounted barbed wire unroller CLOTURMATIC RXB is ideal for farming to create enclosures or secure road edges.
Available in 4 models, this barbed wire installation tool adapts to the rear of a tractor and allows unrolling from 2 to 5 rows in a single pass.
Loaded on supports, the coils unroll as the tractor advances. Adjustable, the machine allows you to adjust the spacing of the barbed wire rows according to your needs.
To ensure optimal alignment of the wires with respect to the post, the barbed wire unroller has a hydraulic offset of 1 meter, allowing it to get as close as possible to the posts.
Tension gears with independent disc brakes provide optimal and regular tension to the barbed wires. This constant tension allows the operator to intervene immediately for the stapling step.
Stapling is possible thanks to an optional pneumatic compressor supplying a nailer.
Also optionally, it is possible to add a slope corrector to keep the wire parallel to the post.
Versatile and easy to use, these barbed wire unrolling machines save time and effort in your fencing projects, whether small or large in scale, to protect cattle, game, or simply delimit your plots.
1 - 1 equipment out of 1

Barbed wire unwinding machine : CLOTURMATIC RXB

Barbed wire unwinding and laying machine from 2 to 5 rows. Ideal for livestock farming to create your own fences, to secure roadsides or a property...
1 - 1 equipment out of 1
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