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Automatic hoop driver

Are you a professional in market gardening and looking for a solution to ease the installation of your tunnels? RABAUD offers its market gardening range, which includes the TUNNELMATIC hoop placement machine and the HOOP STRAIGHTENER.

The RABAUD hoop placement machine is the ideal solution for automatically and consistently placing your hoops without loops. In a single pass, you can also unroll the cover over the tunnel.

We offer several templates to choose from based on your needs: a template for fiberglass hoops (FDV), a melon template, or a Val Nantais template for steel hoops. The tractor's forward speed can reach up to 2 km/h depending on the chosen spacing. The plastic film unwinding module ensures perfect tension of the film on the hoops and optimal retention by burying it in the soil.

But how do you straighten the steel hoops used to create your tunnels? RABAUD has also thought of everything with its hoop straightener. Indeed, this machine can restore 1000 to 2000 hoops per hour, greatly facilitating their reuse. The RABAUD hoop straightener is a practical and efficient tool to restore your hoops to good condition, allowing them to be used for many seasons to come.
Additionally, this machine is very easy to use and can be easily maneuvered by a single person. The hoop, regardless of its shape, is engaged in the 4 driving rollers and passes through the 7 or 14 straightening rollers to be reconditioned. The hydraulic motor, powered by the tractor's pump, allows the rotation of the rollers. The double-acting distributor controls the entire process and is used as a direction changer. It is possible to adjust the speed of the hoop's advancement.

By choosing RABAUD's market gardening range, you opt for practical and effective solutions to facilitate your daily work. The TUNNELMATIC and HOOP STRAIGHTENER allow you to save time and money while guaranteeing quality and professional work. So don't hesitate, choose RABAUD for your market gardening equipment, and you won't be disappointed!

1 - 2 equipment out of 2

Automatic rod driver : TUNNELMATIC

The TUNNELMATIC allows the automatic and regular installation of hoops and the creation of the tunnel in a single pass. It removes the effort and physical strain required by the manual installation method.

Rod straightening machine

Machine for straightening steel hoops used in the creation of tunnels in vegetable growing. Repair 2000 hoops per hour.
1 - 2 equipment out of 2
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