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Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 3000

Trailed compost spreader, chopped straw, chips/sawdust...

The FERTITIS 3000 compost spreader is the ideal tool to provide essential nutrients to the soil for the proper growth of your plantations while remaining independent of chemical fertilizers.
Compact, this compost spreader does not exceed the tractor's dimensions, an advantage that allows it to navigate between rows to ensure the spreading of green waste compost, shredded straw, or wood chips directly at the base of plantations without damaging the vegetation and surrounding structures.
This tractor-mounted spreader stands out for its highly precise modular spreading system. Its spreading table consists of two individually driven discs, two side hatches, and a front hatch. By defining the direction of rotation of the discs and the opening/closing of the hatches, the operator can choose between four spreading modes, allowing precise control of the flow according to your needs.
Its 3000-liter decompression tank allows the product to be discharged without any bridging phenomenon to an unraveling auger for proper crumbling.
Compact and efficient, the FERTIDIS 3000 trailed compost spreader allows precise and uniform distribution of the product on targeted surfaces for better fertilization of your soils and protection of your plantations!
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On video : Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 3000

RABAUD : Présentation de l'épandeur de compost FERTIDIS 3000

RABAUD : Epandeur de compost FERTIDIS 3000 - Témoignage utilisateur

Main Features

  • Spreaders for market gardening, vineyards and arboriculture with 2 possible applications :
    - Soil fertilization: compost spreading
    - Fighting water stress, run-off and sodding : chopped straw, wood shavings and sawdust spreading...
  • 4 spreading modes :
    - “FULL” open field, very wide spreading.
    - “FULL” located, on the track.
    - “DIRECTED” simultaneously on both sides.
    - “DIRECTED” on 1 side, allows spreading on the chosen side.
  • 3000 L tank : compact machine (1.47 m width) which complies with the tractor’s dimensions and respects the existing vegetation.
  • Tank splayed in height & width (opening towards the table) to ensure a regular dumping without jam.
  • Untangling hedgehog, Ø 600 mm to facilitate the product crumbling.
  • Spreading table with 2 Ø 600 mm discs and interchangeable knives
  • Flow dividers ensure the conveyor and discs’ speed setting
  • Machine mounted on road chassis (up to 25 km/h travel speed) with articulated drawbar

Technical characteristics

Dimensions (L x W x H)
Loading height
Ground clearance
Tank width
Untangling hedgehog
Spreading discs
Single axle with agricultural ring
25 km/h road frame
4,57 x 1,47 x 2,17 m
1,80 m
450 mm
2050 kg
860 mm down - 1300 mm up
Ø 600 mm
2 discs Ø 600 mm
Hydraulic motor with flow divider
Tank : 60 L
Oil flow : 33 L/min
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance