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Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 1000

Compost spreaders, chopped straw, shavings/sawdust for vegetable growing, vineyards and arboriculture.

The FERTIDIS mounted compost spreader has been designed to meet the need for soil fertilization by allowing the spreading of compost, but also to combat water stress, runoff, or weed growth by enabling the spreading of shredded straw or wood chips.
Used in fields such as market gardening, vineyards, or orchards, the tractor-mounted compost spreader has the particularity of being able to spread directly at the base of plantations. This uniqueness is made possible by its spreading table with two individually driven discs allowing the projection of material and a system of rear and side hatches. By choosing the direction of rotation of the discs and adjusting the opening and closing of the hatches, the user can choose between four spreading modes. It is possible to direct the flow to the right, left, or both simultaneously, over a very wide width, or in a row.
Its tank, with a capacity of 1000 liters, has a moving metal conveyor belt that brings the material gradually to an unraveller to properly break up the product.
Adaptable to three-point tractor or vineyard tractor while respecting its dimensions, its small size of 1.20 meters wide allows it to easily pass between rows.
Compact and efficient, the FERTIDIS 1000 compost spreader allows precise and uniform distribution of the product on targeted surfaces for better fertilization of your soils and protection of your plantations.
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On video : Compost spreader : FERTIDIS 1000

RABAUD : présentation de l'épandeur de compost FERTIDIS 1000

Main Features

  • Spreaders for market gardening, vineyards and arboriculture with 2 possible applications :
    - Soil fertilization: compost spreading
    - Fighting water stress, run-off and sodding : chopped straw, wood shavings and sawdust spreading...
  • 4 spreading modes :
    - “FULL” open field, very wide spreading.
    - “FULL” located, on the track.
    - “DIRECTED” simultaneously on both sides.
    - “DIRECTED” on 1 side, allows spreading on the chosen side.
  • 1000 L volume : small-sized spreader (1.20 m wide) to fit the dimensions of a vineyard tractor.
  • Adjustable spreading rate thanks to a flow divider (Settings of scraper floor’s rotation speed and of spreading table to adjust independently the dumping rate).
  • Spreading hopper with scraper floor composed of metal battens to convey the product to spreading table.
  • Untangling hedgehog, to facilitate the product crumbling

Technical characteristics

Dimensions (L x W x H)
Weight (empty)
Tank capacity
Dimensions of scraper floor (L x W)
Spreading discs
Average spreading speed
rear 3-point hitch Cat. N°1 or N°2
2,52 x 1,17 x 1,64 m
575 kg
1000 L
1,25 x 0,70 m
2 discs Ø 388 mm
from 4 to 5 km/h

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Epandeur Fertidis 2000

Announcement : n° 22446
State : Very good state
Year : 2021
Guarantee : 12-months warranty
11760€ HT
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance