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Automatic rod driver : TUNNELMATIC

The TUNNELMATIC allows the automatic and regular installation of hoops and the creation of the tunnel in a single pass. It removes the effort and physical strain required by the manual installation method.

To overcome meteorological conditions, protect your crops, and ensure their optimal growth, the TUNNELMATIC marquee hoop setter is an essential tool in market gardening. It allows for the automatic and regular placement of steel or fiberglass hoops, creating a tunnel in a single pass! No more physical efforts associated with manual installation!
To adapt to your activity, the range of hoop setters offers 5 models and 2 templates based on the space required by your plantations.
Loaded into a hoop magazine using a jib, they are guided, arched according to the chosen template at the time of purchase, and planted using pneumatic cylinders. A programmable controller allows you to choose the spacing for regular installation. The tractor's forward speed, proportional to the chosen spacing, can go up to 2 km/h for high efficiency.
2 in 1, the greenhouse hoop setter is equipped, depending on the chosen model, with a system for unrolling plastic film with perfect tension for the creation of market gardening tunnels. This action is done in a single pass simultaneously with the placement of hoops, allowing the operator to save time on other essential tasks.
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RABAUD - Poseuse d'arceaux maraîcher : TUNNELMATIC

Main Features

  • Automatic installation of hoops without loops and tunnel creation in a single pass.
  • Rods guiding and forming as per dimensions and setup with pneumatic cylinders.
  • Possibility of working with steel and/or fibreglass hoops.
  • Compressor driven by PTO (8 HP needed).
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) for choosing the spacing between hoops (from 140 mm to infinity).
  • Tractor speed up to 2 km/h depending on the chosen distance.
  • The tunnel is built regularly all along the process.
  • Perfect tension of the film.
  • Optimal ease of use and safety thanks to the PLC.

Technical characteristics

Maximale Stangenlänge
Rod diameter
Distance between each rod
Space between tunnels ranks center
Tunnel width
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Weight (without laying system)
Minimum tractor power
2,30 m
From 4.4 mm to 6 mm
From 140 mm to infinite
1,80 m
1,18 m
1,73 x 0,90 to 2,50 x 1,83 m
780 kg
3-point linkage n°2, with automatic hitch
90 HP
540 rpm

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Poseuse d'arceaux maraîcher : TUNNELMATIC

Announcement : n° 22456
State : Very good state
Year : 2020
Guarantee : 12-months warranty
Certified French manufacture
Original parts available for 10 years !
A network of 2000 distributors
Service and technical assistance