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Forestry machines

RABAUD completes its range by offering a new kindling machine and is proposing a  professional solution : XYLOFLAM 330/450. 
This machine accepts all kind of wood (soft or hard wood), cracked or round species of 45 cm maximum diameter and maximum length of 33 cm. Logs are input through hopper and fall by gravity on a steel conveyor (RABAUD exclusivity). Then forwarded to a 11 ton cross-splitter enabling splitting for kindling wood or small logs with a section  up to 150 mm. In order to optimize splitting quality, steel pieces are holding logs and 3 different length sizes are available : 20, 25 and 33 cm.
Maximum outpout for this machine is 4,8 m³ per hour.
XYLOFLAM is available in different versions: electric engine,Petrol engineor for tractor.

RABAUD Company  completes its grab range by offering a Logging clamp XYLOTRAK for 3-point hitch tractor from 70 to 150 HP. For more possibilities,  hitch ring-bolts are adjustable in height to 3 different positions.
XYLOTRAK has an hydraulic clamp with wide opening of 2,32 m maximum. Reinforced rod is ensuring synchronization of all movements.
To maximize work possibilities, hydraulic offset left/right +/- 25° thanks to double cylinder.
The 4 hydraulic hoses are protected inside the main frame.
Logging clamp XYLOTRAK eases work for user without being out of the cabin for lifting and stacking logs...

RABAUD, main leader in firewood sector, is offering a forestry trailer with 6,70 m or 8 m crane in option.
With an overall weight of 11 ton, this forestry trailer has a 25 km/h road approval
Equipped with bogie-type axle, bolted and adjustable, advantages of this setting is a better load distribution. For optimal safety, hydraulic hoses, wiring harness and parking brake are inside the main frame. This one-piece frame with large section allows perfect trailer rigidity. To guide properly trunks into the trailer, 8 360°swiveling bars are bolted on both sides of the main frame. These bars can be adjustable depending of the length of the logs. Wide-size protection grid helps placing properly logs in the trailer safely. No operation needed for built-in lighting signs...

Agricultural machines

RABAUD, main leader in firewood-fencing sector completes his post pointers upper range by offering BIFACE 350. BIFACE 350 is designed for 3-point hitch tractors and could be driven either through the hydraulic pump in PH version, or by PTO with a 30 L/min oil flow hydraulic unit in CH version.
5 different settings of sharpening angle are possible depending on required length and width of spike. Just after introducing a post maximum diameter 350 mm, knives mounted on sliding bars are starting automatically by pushing on a triggering plate. For optimal operation, post is self-supported thanks to wide input roller.
In option, BIFACE 350 could be equipped with a 2,30 m long and 0,45 m wide conveyor , chainsaw holder and tool chest.

Garden and Landscaping machines

Collecting sweeper URBANET 1500 could be fitted on small tractors from 20 HP. With a sweeping width of 1,50 m, this sweeper is designed for narrow and small streets, cycle tracks...
2 versions:  TRAINÉE (TOWED) with wheels and drawbar with ring, PORTÉE on 3-point hitch.
URBANET is equipped with hydraulic lifting arm for emptying waste collector in a trailer up to 2,10 m high.
Filling of the 1000 L collecting box (useful volume 600 L) is always visible thanks to access door. Side brush of Ø 700 mm in polyester as option or in rilsan steel for mechanical weeding. Watering by gravity or pressure with 2 tanks of 150 L is also available.
Tractor’s pump drive with 3-way dual acting lines or option drive through PTO 540 rpm.

RABAUD, main leader of the wood valorization sector, completes its chipper range and offers XYLOCHIP 150 T for  tractors from 35 to 95 HP.
Equipped with ROTOR « 5in1 », this wood chipper is the best tool to use for wood waste and green chip valorization. 
To answer market requirements, this new wood chipper has a foldable hopper, with flat bottom and opened top to introduce waste easily. The Extra-wide feeding roller with reverse whorl and teeth can handle all branches (maximum diameter 15 cm). Roller regulation is ensured by NOSTRESS system.